Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

86 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Oct20079 The ways in which businesses interact with their customers has changed massively over the last few years, with a digital approach being vital to the continued success of many companies. Smaller retailers often struggle to access these services, which is why Mike Glynn of MG Retail Consulting Limited has made it his ambition to make modern methods open to all. We take a closer look in the light of his success in the Southern Enterprise Awards. Most business owners are looking for help to make their business reach the next level, but many don’t know where to turn and who to turn to. For those in the healthcare industry, Mike Glynn and his team are the ideal choice. The services they offer strive for excellence, when it comes to moving forward and embracing the possibilities of the digital age. Mike has worked with clients from many different backgrounds, ranging from large corporations to independent retailers. It’s these smaller suppliers for whom he has the most passion. Instead of taking on a project in isolation, MG Retail Consulting is set apart by a team that takes the time to really explore how a business works and what impact their work could have. In a market as specific as healthcare, it pays to understand exactly what is expected. With core values of quality, integrity, community, accountability and leadership, it’s little wonder that the firm has not only achieved success, but has maintained the highest of standards amongst its clients. Over 2020 especially, the importance of these values has risen even higher. While visits from customers are down in most areas, those who do turn up spend more. Embracing the potential of digital services and appointments to engage with customers has been vital to the success of many businesses during the pandemic. Having the right systems in place to put these operations into action has been key to many businesses succeeding. Putting these systems into place in a way that smaller retailers, often run by families, can understand is just what MG Retail Consulting excels at, levelling the playing field for all concerned. With close proximity to London, the team take upon a range of different businesses in a host of different areas. The capital is the largest marketplace for business, meaning Most Trusted Business Consultancy Firm - Basingstoke that not only are there many different factors to consider, but also an open-minded attitude when it comes to considering and implementing change. Some businesses have not altered their ways of operation for many years, but London companies thrive on the chance to grow and develop. The team lead businesses forward by being an example of progressiveness itself. Regular communication and the use of the latest cloud technology has allowed the team to work in an accessible way throughout the pandemic. Every team member that is taken on board not only has the technical experience to lead a project, but a willingness to take responsibility and ownership of what they do. The success of MG Retail Consulting has meant that they have been able to partner up with the Entrepreneur’s Circle. This will enable the team to meet a broader range of clients. For those smaller retailers who cannot afford to work one-to-one, the team are exploring the potential of group work that will combine different businesses and offer them the same extensive support as their larger competitors. It seems like that the team behind MG Retail Consulting have made their mark and are keen to explore ways of helping businesses that go above and beyond a technical solution. Their new partnership is just one way in which the team have broadened their horizons, with Mike co-authoring a new book ‘The Entrepreneurs Marketing System’ which gives a step by step guide to getting customers. It’s the team’s commitment not only to the tried and tested, but to new ideas and methods that have allowed them to achieve such success. Company: MG Retail Consulting Limited Contact: Mike Glynn Web Address: Email: While visits from customers are down in most areas, those who do turn up spend more.