Southern Enterprise Awards 2021

45 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2021 Sep21602 Removals Business of the Year 2021 - London A man in his van simply isn’t enough for the team at Que Removal Ltd. They specialise in offering their customers experienced removal experts who ensure that one of the most stressful times runs as smoothly as possible. We take a look at how they’ve achieved so much in SME News’ Southern Enterprise Awards 2021. Since being established in 2015, Que Removal has proven itself a trusted partner with those who are moving house. No house move is ever straightforward, but the team have been proud to stand beside their customers, guaranteeing peace of mind no matter what. While to many, the world of removals is one which is filled with cowboy builders, Que Removal focuses primarily on an approach which sees them act as a cutting-edge logistics company. Everyone involved is trained to the same impressive standards, able to undertake large or small jobs with ease whether domestic or commercial in nature. While each brings unique challenges, the team are more than up to the task of dealing with them. While maintaining the highest possible industry standards, a family-run firm, the Que Removal team has the ability to be flexible, relative to the specific needs of their customers. No two are the same, but all depend upon the provision of a quality service that is a cut above the rest. To provide total security, the team has taken out a premium insurance team which covers staff, public liability, and goods in our care. This attention to detail means that in the unlikely event of anything happening, their customers are properly and comprehensively protected. Developing a strong team who can work effectively with others has been a core tenet of the success of Que Removal. Everyone who works for the firm is treated equally, and values the business immensely. This investment in the firm’s success has inspired an incredible amount of loyalty. Only the best of the best work with the team, with the hiring process including a one month training period to get up to speed with the business. This sees the candidate moving through various parts of the company so that a holistic view can be gained of their work ethic. To give people security that they should work with Que Removal, the team have gained approval from the National Grid of Removals association and the Ombudsman. These regulatory bodies were specifically designed to encourage and inspire members to provide the best service possible to clients. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way in which many see the removals industry, with many companies overrunning the market and acting irresponsibly with other people’s property, sometimes not even turning up to a booking at all. Unfortunately, this reflects poorly on the industry as a whole. Being based in London has been incredibly beneficial to the business, as it is a city with seemingly boundless opportunities. As an area of the country which is arguably overpopulated, it’s not surprising that many people are looking to move either to other, more desirable parts of the city or out of the region altogether. With so much more to do, the team has been able to thrive and is well on the way to becoming a household name within the industry. Moving is inherently stressful, and the work that the Que Removal team do has relieved many of that incredibly burden. Their determination, their experience and their ability to deliver to the highest standards sets them apart from the crowd. We celebrate their immense success in the Southern Enterprise Awards, and look forward to their reputation growing as they achieve more in the weeks and months to come. Company: Que Removal Ltd Email: Web Address: