Southern Enterprise Awards 2021

6 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2021 Tax Spot Group is an accounting and tax advice service firm based in West London. It helps a wide variety of clients with their businesses so that they may benefit from a perfectly legal structure and excellent peace of mind. Here we speak to CFO and Transformational Coach Valentina White from Tax Spot to find out more about its role in aiding an eclectic mix of businesses and individuals achieve a more financially secure and stable future. Tax Spot’s aim is to help its clients to manage their accounts and tax, whether business or personal related. Director Valentina White tells us that Tax Spot “consults clients on money management through deeper levels of consciousness, which empowers personal mental health, mindset growth, and positive impact on the client’s business.” Tax Spot has offered business solutions for over five years since its establishment. Since then, it has served over 2000 clients in varying business sectors and personal matters. By earning clients trust with its transparency, Tax Spot has built itself a respectable reputation in the tax and accountancy industry. This impressive firm inspires its clients to reach for their goals. Its mission is to serve clients in a way that goes above and beyond expectations and it believes in exceeding each expectation by being efficient, responsible, respectful, reliable, and honest. Since its inception, Tax Spot has been building its reputation in the industry as a competitor for tax and accounting advice. Valentina says, “We have heard feedback that our clients feel as safe with us as they felt at home. They get the mental support, and a kick to move forward.” By positively pushing clients to take charge of their businesses and finances, Tax Spot creates an environment of growth that contributes to a sound and secure future. The services that Tax Spot provides cover a range of 12 service categories that provide help for a wide variety of issues from business to personal finances. By offering all kinds of services Best Accounting & Tax Advice Service Provider - West London Aug21285