Southern Enterprise Awards 2022

44 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 Legislate’s hard work in the industry of legal documentation management has propelled it into the spotlight of its industry over the years it has been in operation. Nominally, it makes contracts machine readable by using knowledge graph technologies, turning the once bloated and awkward element of trawling through legal work into something hyper-searchable and far more user intuitive, benefitting all involved. Indeed, its knowledge graph software allows for the validation of the contractual terms imputed by users in order to achieve this, and thus employers can use Legislate to answer questions that they need quick and to-the-point answers to simply by drawing from data. Such questions include things like ‘how many employees are on a 30-day notice period’, and ‘how many employees report to a certain Jul22435 Best Contract Management Platform - South East other employee’, allowing clients to retrieve information from contracts that they need to make vital business decisions. The aim, in essence, is in making payroll, pensions, employee information, and document trawling that much easier by making them able to be directly set up with Legislate, and thereby save time, money, and manpower in employees having to spend tireless hours searching for the relevant clauses and information. Legislate, critically, allows the optimisation of the data within an organisation, ensuring that competitors can’t use lawyers and unstructured data to get one over on the client; after all, Legislate as a tool is a non-lawyer option that is unfailingly on the side of the client, and it makes a huge difference to a client’s internal processes. With knowledge graphs being the easiest and best way to store hyperlinked data and infer new relationships in the data based on logic or domain expertise, it has made itself the only platform that can offer hyper-searchable contracts that are able to be queried instantly at scale. Moreover, modelling documents with knowledge graphs is protected by 2 patents that both belong to Legislate. Being the founder and front runner in this field has ensured that it has been able to build a market segment of professionals who rely on and trust it as a result, gaining a huge number of new clients simply by continuing to operate in its usual flawless and tenacious manner. Having gained renown in the UK in this way, and filing patents in the US, it is now making significant plans to fully enter the latter market over the next 12 months. Happy to see demand for its work increasing over time, it encourages its clients and peers alike to ‘watch this space’ to find out more. Company: Legislate Contact: Charles Brecque Website: With its front-running knowledge graph technology, Legislate is making itself the answer to rising demand for easyto-create, lawyer-approved contracts. Making such contracts easier to search with ease and efficiency – especially post-signature – has allowed it to become an invaluable part of its clients’ legal processes, making them more efficient across the board. Streamlining the end-to-end experience across the board in this manner, it makes the data in contracts sharable and far easier managed.