Southern Enterprise Awards 2022

6 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2022 Aug22325 Best Property Education & Training Consultancy 2022 Having made itself a go-to consultancy and planning educator for new and experienced developers, Town Planning Experts has made itself a well-developed and resourceful partner for its clients. Emboldened by its experts, its roadmap sets out the relevant steps that allow a client to achieve their goal, ensuring that each path it carves for its client is impeccably imagined and bespoke, shirking off the idea that anything about property education and planning consultation can be one-size-fits-all. As an education provider and planning consultancy, Town Planning Experts serves experienced or startup property developers, investors, or individual who hold stakes in the industry. Critically, its range goes from national developers with over 100 properties, to small time developers or investors with only a singular or a couple of properties that occupy all their time. Town Planning Experts hopes to promote the complete rejection of the ‘one size fits all’ mentality in its industry in this way, showing its peers and partners alike what a huge difference it makes to a client when they have access to a roadmap paved by tailor made milestones. Town Planning Experts, therefore, has become the go-to consultancy and educator for the enterprising industry participant in property development. Fundamentally, by aiding them in achieving this goal, its team have the chance to fully sink their teeth into a challenge that will invigorate them, as each professional looks forward to helping clients overcome even the most profound hurdles. Thus, Town Planning Experts’ reputation has been made possible through the hard work and tenacity of its impeccable team, each of whom believes in a staunch motto that it is only as strong as its weakest player. Its USP at Town Planning Experts is the power of the staff who make up its ranks, with the dynamic within being one of strength, ambition, education, and diversity, celebrating the variety of different people and backgrounds within its ranks that allow it to present an empathic front to all clients. Indeed, it works hard to get to know each client just as much as it gets to know each of its team members, with each of its professionals being able to offer fresh new perspectives that a client may before not have thought of, using the impeccable customer service atmosphere this creates in order to use the Wealth Dynamic Psychometric Testing System to understand the strengths and weaknesses within the team. In this manner, it can provide the best advice to its clients, using its internal talent for sensitive interpersonal connection to ensure it is all as relevant as possible. Indeed, it wishes to understand the strengths and weakness within its own team by using its Psychometric Testing System, too, using the data gleaned from this company to give the best advice to its clients at every turn. This allows it to schedule in the relevant training and education that will allow each of its clients to keep growing as professionals. Moreover, being in the South has allowed Town Planning Experts to find its place in the lucrative industry that this region has fostered over the years, attracting top talent simply by operating in its usual exemplary manner in order to draw likeminded people into its ranks and its client base, expanding sustainably as a result. Indeed, another advantage of the South is it is near London. With this being such a powerhouse of business services in the UK, Town Planning Experts finds itself often in easy travel distance from networking events and industry gatherings, allowing it to continue integrating itself with its wider sector; similarly, it is closely linked to Portsmouth both in terms of travel and business links, as well as in terms of members of the team having friends, family, and peers there. The diverse team of professionals within its ranks all strive to deliver the right development on the right site at the right time, all encouraged to flourish as independent professionals at the same time. Critically, its culture is to treat each other with respect and dignity, encouraging an atmosphere of positivity and mutual support. Respecting the diversity and differences that make the team such an incredible collection of different professional minds, all its staff are invited to let it help them with their wider professional journey, too, fostering a dedication to excellent communication that forms a throughline in the business’s wider structure. Therefore, when it comes to looking for new recruits, it is always honest and respectful, as it wishes for that to be the foundation of any working relationship going forward. The treatment of its employees is something it takes great pride in, and the care and diligence it displays as a company is second-tonone, especially regarding the connection that it fosters between each of its people, with aspiration at its core and forward momentum always on its mind. Crucially, this remaining the case is allowing it to grow and develop as England’s go-to planning consultancy and property educator. Working hard to provide as much advice as possible through networking, education, consultation, multi-media channels, and social media, its recent developments have been hugely beneficial in creating its recent growth spurts, resulting in it being able to take on huge new development projects such as Raglan Gate House, Plymouth. This Grade 2 listed building represents new heights of trust afforded to Town Planning Experts by its industry, as this beautiful building is now being converted into 4 new properties with the full backing of English Heritage. Moreover, it has also launched its VICTORY Plan in its educational branch. This uses its knowledge and experience to put together an easy framework that will allow developers to use the English Planning System to get the permissions they need; the first event of this course is scheduled to run in London, on September the 24th, with a follow up event running in Reading on December the 3rd. With all of this on the horizon and further growth in the pipeline, it is exciting to see what the future has in store for TPX and its industry in the macro scale. Company: Town Planning Experts Contact: Jamie Copeland Email: Website: