SME Transport Awards 2019

8 SME NEWS / SME Transport Awards 2019 , Stagefreight Ltd Best Events Transport Company 2019 & Eco-Friendly Road Fleet of the Year 2019: Stagefreight Ltd Feb19137 Contact Information: Company: Stagefreight Ltd | Contact: Ian Uttley Email: [email protected] | Website: Phone Number: 0113 238 0805 Drawing on over 25 years of experience within the events transport and fleet industry, since inception Stagefrieght has built its reputation with key theatre clients like Opera North, Northern Ballet, English National Ballet and Birmingham Royal Ballet. Today the firm is an award-winning expert in supporting clients seeking to transport event equipment safely and swiftly, as we found out when we profiled it and explored the secrets behind its success in this year’s Transport Awards. Originally founded in 1986 as a PC Transport company and incorporated as a limited company in 1999, Stagefreight has since flourished and today it is a key provider of events transport and event fleet services. From the beginning client service has been a key focus for Stagefrieght, and this is provided across the entire company. Whether it is the director discuss- ing projects with clients or the newest driver on his very first job, every member of its staff works tirelessly to ensure that their clients receive the exceptional service they deserve. This quality service would be impossible to provide without a dedicated and professional team, and as such Stagefreight works tirelessly to ensure that it hires and retains the best talent in the industry. A can-do attitude com- bined with problem-solving is what the firm values within the team the most. The firm takes great pride in arriving on time, every time, and as such they value staff who are innovative and dedicated, and the firm’s leadership cultivates and nurtures this in their workforce for the benefit of each and every client that works with Stagefreight. As a result of this focus on quality service, since its inception Stagefreight has built a positive and mutual relationship with all of its clients, many of whom have been working alongside the com- pany since the beginning. The firm’s drivers offer more than just transport: they provide support with loading, build and build down. Many of the firm’s competitors focus on the transport only, but “All of the firm’s drivers are trained in fuel-efficient driving to ensure all its drivers are at the forefront of emerging market developments.” the team at Stagefreight go the extra mile by training drivers to be as helpful as possible to clients to ensure the firm is constantly ahead of its competition and able to mark itself out as the best possible option for its discerning clients. Over the past three years the firm has undergone many exciting changes: its team has grown; its fleet has been enhanced; and its commitment to the environ- ment has increased. As part of this growth, Stagefrieght has invested £3 million over the last 3 years to ensure it now has Euro 6 cab units. All of the firm’s drivers are trained in fuel-efficient driving to ensure that the firm is at the forefront of emerging market developments and able to offer clients the same quality services which are now also environmen- tally friendly. Moving forward Stagefreight will continue to enhance its service offering and fleet to ensure that it remains able to offer all its clients the range of services they need. The company is currently looking to expand, with an additional warehouse in Leeds to come and recruiting even more drivers so that Stagefreight can build upon its current success throughout the years to come.