SME Transport Awards 2019

SME NEWS / SME Transport Awards 2019 9 , Shiply Seeking to offer a range of users the chance to reduce their carbon footprint, Shiplymatches people needing tomove goods with transport companies already taking a similar journey. As part of our overview of a selection of winners from this year’s Transport Awards we profile the firm to find out more. Shiply: Best Digital Climate Change Innovation 2019 Established in 2008, over the years Shiply has developed an innovative web-based transport marketplace. The firm offers out a unique combination of the client service of a boutique start-up with the main benefits of a large firm thanks to its solid presence, profitable business and reputation. Prior to the creation of Shiply there were freight exchanges, but these solutions did not offer the innovative, cost-effective solution that Shiply provides to its clients and the wider logistics community. No longer are hauliers limited only to work from other transport firms or subject to excessive fixed overheads, as Shiply only charge a fee, which is typically around 10%, when they actually secure work with clients. Today the firm’s systems allow delivery companies, big and small, to search for work submitted by consumers and businesses along routes they are already travelling Feb19155 Contact Information: Company: Shiply | Name: Robert Matthams Address: Floor 3, 207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH Telephone Number: 020 3137 2454 Web Address: “By using Shiply, Britain can help make use of these empty lorries, take excess vehicles off the road and in doing so will reduce its annual carbon footprint by 7.2%.” or on the return of routes they are already travelling. The company’s two-sided marketplace enables consumers and businesses to cre- ate delivery requests and match with these empty hauliers already making similar trips and make a cost saving of up to 75%. This innovative solution is de- signed to enhance sustainability within the logistics market. After all, the UK’s carbon footprint is over 500 million tonnes of CO2 per year. Over 112,000 lorries and 450,000 vans travel empty each year and pump out over 36 million tonnes of CO2. By using Shiply, Britain can help make use of these empty lorries, take excess vehicles off the road and in doing so will reduce its annual carbon footprint by 7.2%. Moving forward, the big fight against climate change is having a huge impact on the transport and freight industries. Biofuels, electric vehicles and its emissions are in the forefront of consumer minds and is sure to have impact on purchasing decisions in the near future. This is a huge oppor- tunity for Shiply as customers will be more aware of the impact their delivery is having and will look for a shared load mode of transport. Digitalization is simplifying internal processes and providing scope for transporters to serve more potential customers. Shiply is then encouraged by this as transport companies can better plan their routes and be more aware of which journeys will then be part or empty loads that need to be filled. The ongoing focus on sustain- ability within the transport sector means that the firm has a bright future ahead of itself thanks to its innovative position in the market and its ongoing focus on reducing its clients/users’ carbon footprints. Seeking to use all of these developments to its advantage, in the future Shiply is primarily focused on continuing to enhance on its brand awareness both within the UK and overseas. With the solution having moved into Australia and Canada over recent months, there is further scope for even greater international growth over the coming years, and this will offer the firm many exciting opportunities to then enhance on its already impressive success.