UK Enterprise Awards 2018

10 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , relaxed atmosphere. Space de Luxe can offer the professional help necessary to transform this part of the client’s home to create a beautiful and functional place. With regards to bedrooms, the firm has extensive experience in designing unique rooms. The bedroom is the place where humans spend a third of our lives. It is important to have a stylish bedroom where we have comfortable surroundings in which to relax or find that matching outfit. Space de Luxe offers bedroom furniture of the latest interior design trends, crafting bespoke furniture to suit any individual style. Another area of expertise for the firm is bathroom creation and rejuvenation. Whether clients are planning a new shower, bathroom suite or wet room, Space de Luxe offers a comprehensive and professional design service and an excellent finish of the highest standard. The firm seek to offer their clients bathroom a stylish and very modern look that makes it unique. Adding a second shower room, en suite or wet room increases the value of a property and makes it more attractive to prospective buyers in a competitive market, and as such Space de Luxe seeks to offer clients an array of services which will help them to increase their property value and rejuvenate their home. For clients seeking a reinvention of their current home, Space de Luxe also provides a beginning to end property renovation service, catering for all aspects of construction work, including management of your project. To achieve this, the firm have built good relationships with Architects who can help design every aspect of the clients’ project, before handing over to Space de Luxe highly skilled workers for completion. Alternatively, if the client already has the necessary drawings and specifications of the project, Space de Luxe can help to realise those plans. As part of this focus on supporting clients and meeting their ever evolving needs, the firm has also developed a strong base of trade specialists including Audio Visual experts, Air Conditioning professionals and Lift Engineers, who are often required in central London for residential properties with several floors. Looking ahead, this focus on innovation and excellence will remain as Space De Luxe seeks to continue to grow and prosper, building upon its current success and growing even further in order to support a wider range of clients with a larger service offering over the years to come. conversions and basements; bespoke joinery; as well as landscape design and gardening. The firm’s dedicated team has extensive experience crafting spaces that meet its clients’ needs. Living areas are the most important places in the entire house where the majority of people spend a lot of their time. They are areas where guests and visitors are made welcome. Smart design and modern decoration is all important in creating a welcoming and functional space. Space de Luxe can help clients create a living room they will love. Additionally, the firm is skilled at creating innovative kitchen spaces. The kitchen is regarded as the heart and soul of the home. A place where family and friends gather to cook and socialise. It is a unique place which should have a friendly and warm interior design, inspiring a