UK Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 107 , Company: Morrison Express Corporation Contact: Sam Vass Address: Unit 4, Colndale Road, Colnbrook, Berkshire, SL3 0HQ, UK Phone: 01932 733390 Best for Freight Forwarding and Logistics 2018 Morrison Express Corporation UKE180031 Drawingonitsparentcompany’svastexpertise,MorrisonLondoncurrentlyhasprofessional and extensive experiences to provide leading freight forwarding services a wide range of clients across the market and around the world. We profile the firm to find out more. Central America and South America, Europe and Australia. Additionally, the company has established a comprehensive network of over 100 agent partners worldwide. By sea or by air, from customs brokerage to live on-line tracking, thanks to its collaborative approach MEC has the power to move and the passion to deliver. Launched in 2004, Morrison London currently has professional and extensive experiences to provide leading freight forwarding services for Asia, USA and EMEA Airfreight/Oceanfreight Import and Export shipments, as well as tailored supply chain solutions to fulfil the most demanding customer requirements. Currently, the UK is experiencing a high demand all modes of transportation and 2018 has started off as one the strongest years for the Morrison Express group. With the looming BREXIT due to take place in 2019 Morrison London is seeing more opportunities in the UK to talk to clients about the effects and changes to their business as a whole. This is offering the firm the chance to engage with potential clients and provide them with the support and solutions they need. Ultimately, MEC’s aim is to be “A Billion-Dollar Company” by 2020. The firm is currently at a revenue of USD 540 million, and has invested in the best I.T. system and sales professional to help grow the business rapidly from 2018, not just in the UK but globally. This ambitious aim will remain the group’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright future. Established in 1972, Morrison Express Corporation (MEC) is named after the highest point on Taiwan - Morrison Peak of the Jade Mountain Range. Today, Morrison Express is one of the leading Asia-based global freight forwarding and logistics service providers. Over the past four decades, the firm has grown to over 60 branches and joint venture offices worldwide with more than 1,200 people throughout Asia, the United States,