UK Enterprise Awards 2018

108 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , UKE18108 Moving forward, these relationships, alongside the team’s continued passion for their products, will remain the centre of Mortimer Chocolate’s success. meet other likeminded, positive business owners, and it is amazing how often a brief chat at a networking event can lead to new business. Mortimer Chocolate supplies chocolate products for retail, wholesale, hospitality and bespoke chocolate solutions for leading brand partners. We profile the firm to learnmore and explore the secrets behind its success. Best for Bespoke Chocolate Solutions - Berkshire African chocolate the firm uses the finest forestero cacoa harvested by farmers on small holdings in Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire. Mortimer Chocolate buys cocoa mass from the country of origin rather than beans. Once beans have been converted to cocoa mass the value is increased substantially. By buying cocoa mass that has been made in the country where the beans have been harvested, this added value remains in the country of origin. For the majority of chocolate produced in Europe the beans are shipped to Europe and then converted into cocoa mass, so the value is added in Europe rather than the country of origin. They believe that this increases the sustainability of cocoa. Once it has obtained its raw materials, the firm manufactures all of its products in the UK. Mortimer Chocolate does not have its own factory, but instead works closely with a number of family companies, so that they can respond quickly and efficiently to client changes. This also allows the firm to quickly scale up production, The personal relationships that the team has built up with its suppliers is key to the success of the company. Being based in the UK offers the firm many great benefits, as the UK is a great place for networking, with businesses helping each other to grow. As a member of Hampshire Fare ( ), Mortimer Chocolate continually As a Botanist, Founder Adrian Smith understands that the proper fermentation of the cocoa bean is where great chocolate flavour first begins. Now he uses this knowledge to select fine tasting cocoas from around the world, to make luxurious award-winning chocolate that can be made into delicious hot chocolate, cooking and fondues. Today, Mortimer Chocolate are proud to be the company Harrods have chosen to produce their Hot Chocolate. Over the last three years the firm has not only produced their Heritage Chocolate, but also their Christmas Chocolate and a range of flavoured Hot Chocolates. Quality is vital for every client that the firm supplies, and as such it works hard to ensure that they always receive the very highest standards of products and service. For its 70% West Mortimer Chocolate Company Ltd Company: Mortimer Chocolate Company Ltd Contact: Felicity Smith Address: 66 Windmill Road, Mortimer Common, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 3RL, UK Phone: 01189 332073 Website: