UK Enterprise Awards 2018

116 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , Trinéire, Architects and Interior Designers Grotes Buildings, Interior Photos WUK170103 Trinéire works with a large residential client base, many of which the firmhave worked with before on various occasions. We invited Ted Aston to tell us more details about the company, and how it felt to be recognised as Best Luxury Interior Designers – London & Recognised Leaders in Architectural Design 2017. all aspects of a project, and that we are fully resourced to do so. Our clients become part of the process and are informed each step of the way in design, detail, cost and programme as it gets updated during the process. We employ the most up to date CAD software, providing the client with full 3D photorealistic imagery and video, enabling them to fully understand the design.” Regarding the internal culture of the firm, this is vital to the success of the company. Ted explains how the team ensure that all staff are equipped to provide the best possible service to clients. Technology is vital within the industry and the company itself, and all employees have up to date equipment, enabling them to provide the best possible service. Exchanging ideas is also essential to the success of staff, and Ted mentions that no one is left out. “Technology drives the way we work think and play. There is no point in trying to write with a broken pencil. Therefore, we make sure our team has access to up to date equipment to enable to work swiftly without technical hindrance, allowing them to rapidly transfer thoughts to screen without delay. Also, we work within an open plan setting which allows the team to exchange ideas as we work. Lounge facilities are also provided to promote engaging thoughts Headquartered in London, most of Trinéire’s work comes through word of mouth, and usually recommendations from their existing customers. The company offer a full Architecture and Interior Design Service, meaning that staff will provide guidance throughout the client’s project in all aspects. Trinéire will coordinate consultants, and integrate their work into design and technical packages ready to let to contractors. The team will then administer the contract on site, ensuring all the work is done correctly and certifying payments. Alongside this, they will also micro manage client supply items, helping them in purchasing and better buying and programme this into the contractor’s programme. Ted informs us of the company’s overall mission, as well as explaining which attributes set Trinéire apart from its competitors, marking itself out as the best possible option for clients. “A crucial factor in our success, is how we focus on the quality in the finished product. The paperwork and drawings are a means to an end, as we ensure every bit of detail is fully considered and clearly illustrated to ensure that our clients get the building and interior they are paying for, and have come to expect. Staff aim to grasp the importance of the designer lead team by ensuring that we are involved in Understanding the Design