UK Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 117 Trinéire, Architects and Interior Designers g Company: Trinéire, Architects and Interior Designers Contact: Ted Aston Contact Email: Address: 384 Lee High Road, London SE12 8RW Phone: 020 8297 4144 Website: and encourages connections through social activity. “No one is left to feel out of the team or uneasy. Frequent discussions take place to ensure everyone is kept in the loop. Everyone’s ideas are put to use, and we understand the importance of suggestions that will spark new areas for discussion.” Based in the UK, Ted comments on what are the main benefits of being based in the UK, and London in particular. He is complimentary of the UK and its vision towards design, whilst stating that Trinéire are always looking to venture into new areas and undertake new projects. “London remains the hub of all ecommerce and there is great demand for stylised living. The UK understands the value of good design and this is promoted throughout the UK’s big urban city. Here at Trinéire, we like cutting edge and experimentations, but are more than happy to explore new ideas.” Ted is keen to comment on the cross section of talent at the company which will bode well for the future, as Trinéire looks to capitalise on its recent success and approach new projects. Working together as a team, both Ted, as Architect and Angela Aston, Interior Designer, always provide a personal and bespoke service. “Significant to our success, we provide a flexible, personalised service, as well as honest advice. We understand clients’ family and work commitments and accommodate them, benefitting from the firm’s long term working relationships with local professionals, suppliers and trades. “Additionally, we work on a wide variety of building types including new buildings. However, London has an array of beautiful period buildings and over the years we have found ourselves more involved in very intricate and complex designs, transforming old buildings into beautiful homes. Each home is treated with equal care and attention, as they all have their individual needs and quirks. Also, we have an award for our work on heritage buildings.” Looking ahead, Ted signs off by predicting what developments he foresees within the UK Business market, and how Trinéire will look to adapt to these surroundings. Working with a variety of clients, overseas and domestic, Ted believes the most important factor is overseeing the project, along with the client, from inception to completion. “Overall, as well as work within London, we have provided services to overseas investors developing properties here in the UK as well as properties overseas all of which have not been within the EU. It is an area we feel comfortable with and have had much experience in. The great thing about it is that we provide the service across the country, communicating and discussing on a daily basis as if the client were here in the UK.”