UK Enterprise Awards 2018

12 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , Best Natural Pet Care Product 2018: Probiotic Daily Fibre Care & Award for Excellence in Pet Health Products 2018 Broadreach Nature + is a company dedicated to the health and wellbeing of pets by offering top quality natural products. We invited Anne Wood to tell us more about the firm and to share an insight into the secrets behind its incredible success. Broadreach Nature + offers a range of Pet Supplements which are some of the most effective, potent formulas available for dogs and cats. The products are used both by vets and consumers alike, and are renowned as being healthy solutions to support the health and wellbeing of pets. Anne explores the firm’s range of products and how these benefit her clients and their furry friends. “Our Range of Health Supplements have been specially formulated and developed by Vets and Professional Specialists, using the highest quality ingredients in an advanced concentrated formula, because at Broadreach Nature +, we do not take the health of pets lightly. We ensure that our products are produced in pharmaceutical grade facilities using human grade ingredients with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certification. We only use EU Regulated and Approved ingredients, so our clients can be assured of the highest quality and processes. Each of our products have taken months of research and development including palatability testing to make sure pets will be happy taking them. This range was launched into the Retail Sector in September 2015 at the International Trade Show in Telford, Shropshire. We have since grown and are selling in a number of UK Retail Outlets, have Distributors both in Hong Kong, Macau and China. The Netherlands and in talks with Slovenia, Slovakia, Portugal and Greece whom we hope to soon start to export to. We also have our own dedicated Online Shop and Website and sell on Amazon in the UK and Europe.” Despite offering a global service, Anne and her team are committed to providing quality British products that are traceable and natural, as she is keen to highlight. “From the beginning we always wanted to try and focus on British made and produced products as much as possible without compromising the quality of ingredients or manufacturers therefore we have sourced the very best that we can within the UK. Customers trust the Products in the UK knowing the stringent requirements needed, particularly at Veterinary level. We find that our distributors also feel happy to be sourcing from a UK Company knowing we have kept to strict criteria and safety checks in only offering the very best we can. hey can trust in our products and the UK has a great reputation for its quality in health care.” This reputation for quality would be entirely impossible without dedicated and knowledgeable staff, and as such it is understandable that Anne is eager to showcase her team and the hard work and commitment they embody, which drives her firm to success and ensures clients always receive the highest possible standards of support and service. “Each member of staff is truly passionate about animals. We all own a number of pets and they are very much part of our family lives. We truly believe in the products that we produce and sell and therefore genuinely want to help and understand our customers and their Pets needs so that we can give them the best advice and support we can. Nothing is ever too much trouble and we always put in a little personal note with every order and a free gift relevant to whether they have a dog or cat. “Central to our culture is this strong customer service ethos, whereby we will always offer help, advice and support to each and every customer. We provide advice sheets on each of our products and a friendly, approachable manner on the phone or a quick response via email to assist with any questions or queries so our customers feel properly supported. We also have a technical team so if we are unable to answer a question immediately we can refer to them and feed back to our customer directly. We even have our own pets on the product labels so that clients can see them and they can share in our success.” Looking to the future, as the demand for pet care increases Anne foresees many exciting opportunities for Broadreach Nature +. In her concluding comments she outlines the latest developments for the firm as it seeks to build upon its current success and grow even further. “Moving forward, we have many exciting projects ahead including more media coverage on a national scale, as well as High Profile Shows that we plan to attend in the coming year to help raise our profile and share our unique products to an even wider range of pet owners. We also have a selection of new products that are currently in the development stages, which we are looking forward to sharing with our clients over the months to come. “After all, within the pet market currently we are seeing a move towards customers being more aware of what their pets are eating, drinking and given health wise both at the Vets and day to day. Customers are wanting to do the best they can for their pets, who are seen as very much part of the family. Keeping things as natural as possible is important, and as such there are many opportunities for us which we are incredibly excited about.” UKE18007 Broadreach Nature +