UK Enterprise Awards 2018

124 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , UKE18105 an evolving online marketplace. To achieve this, the firm has ambitious future growth plans that will help it to support an even wider, international client base, as Stefan proudly concludes. “Overall, thanks to our incredible success over recent years, Sigma Digital is growing at a phenomenal rate with interest from many businesses outside of the UK. Over the next two years we plan to open additional offices in Spain, USA and UAE to offer clients around the world our award-winning services.” Facebook Messenger. With recent advances in AI we will begin to see more businesses using Chabot’s to interact as a first point of call to customers, lots of businesses are using them already but people have no idea. To adapt around these changes, we will be integrating these strategies into our solutions and working with clients to ensure their ongoing success.” Ultimately, Sigma Digital’s Mission to deliver unique and innovating digital strategies to empower our clients to meet the needs of Sigma Digital is a Full-Service Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency that takes away all the technical jargon and works with clients to create a unique digital marketing strategy to fit their budget and goals. We caught up with StefanWesley to learn more about the firm and how it achieves this ambitious goal for every client it supports. Best Digital Marketing & Web Design Company - London staff and supporting them to drive ongoing improvement, as he is keen to highlight. “Staff are vital to our success, and as such at Sigma Digital training is very important to us, and since the company started I have insisted on continuous training of all staff. This includes approximately £1200 per staff member dedicated to training in a relevant digital marketing area of their choosing. In addition, the team collectively come together each week to choose an area where they would like addition training, and every Wednesday afternoon is dedicated it delivering that. This focus on continuous improvement ensures that we are able to constantly offer our clients the very highest possible standards of support and service that they can rely on.” Looking ahead, there are many key areas of growth in the ever evolving online marketing space, and as such Stefan is keen to explore the developments he is seeing in the market and how he and his team are adapting around these. “Growing areas in the industry for 2018 include live video, which has been a rapidly growing area for the last few years but now appears to be socially acceptable to almost everyone. People are less afraid of the camera as before, and as such at Sigma Digital we will continue to see this particular trend spike throughout the year. Another great area is Chabot’s on websites and messenger services such as Working with industry leaders all over the UK, Sigma Digital specialises in providing a return on investment to its clients in the shortest possible timeframe. Stefan shares an insight into how the firm differentiates itself from its competitors and marks itself out as the best possible option for its illustrious clientele. “Using industry leading VR technology for client communication and delivering results that blow the industry standards out of the water, at Sigma Digital we ensure our clients never leave us. All of our client’s see the passion for digital marketing in our dedicated team and we make sure they enjoy their marketing experience as much as we do. “Another unique factor is our use of technology. The team at sigma use industry leading software that allows them to gather information that most other agencies would fail to do. By being able to complete in depth research for clients, we are able to target digital strategies more effectively and overall increase the interaction and conversion rates for clients.” This combination of cutting edge technology and dedicated staff has helped Sigma Digital to achieve its incredible success since it first began, and building upon this success is central to Stefan’s ongoing plans for the firm. As such, he is deeply passionate about training his Sigma Digital Company: Sigma Digital Contact: Stefan Wesley Address: 34 South Molton Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 5RG Phone: 0800 246 1647 Website: