UK Enterprise Awards 2018

130 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , UKE18124 ® Best Cloud-based Data Protection Company 2018 - London Galaxkey is an innovative firm that enables businesses to protect their data and gives individuals the power to control it. Randhir Shinde tells us more about this fascinating focus and how the firmachieves it. recently enforced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).” “To support our clients in this market, Galaxkey provides quick, straightforward data management services to business, enabling companies to protect data and retain their customers’ ownership and control of it. Our mission is to enable everyone worldwide to protect their personal information. Data security and management should be simple so that it becomes instinctive and Galaxkey enables this. When you need to send a secured email, just “Galaxkey it!” When you need to secure a file, just “Galaxkey it!” A quality solution does not need to be complicated and Galaxkey demonstrates this.” At the moment, the GDPR is a focus for many industries, with some finding the compliance process arduous and complicated. As Galaxkey not only encrypts data but managers data too, Galaxkey has been able to support a wide range of clients with the GDPR compliance process, as Randhir highlights. “Currently the protection of personal data is on the radar. Everyone is talking about GDPR. The regulation demands that individuals have complete control of their personal data, that it is always protected and only used with their knowledge and consent. Galaxkey supports the GDPR process, helping corporates to achieve technical compliance. The unique Galaxkey platform, lets corporates manage customers’ data securely in a compliant manner. Data breaches are ubiquitous worldwide, a recent report identified the UK as the most breached country in Europe. Corporations must prioritise data security if they stand any chance of protecting their customers’ data as breaches are inevitable.” Operating in the fast-paced technological market, Galaxkey works tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve and offer its clients unique, cutting-edge solutions. This would not be possible without a team of dedicated visionaries. Randhir discusses how Galaxkey provides the conducive environment necessary for the Galaxkey team to create unique innovations. “At Galaxkey, we have a very clear philosophy which influences how we work to a great extent and ensures that we always offer our clients the highest possible standards of product and service. We don’t shy away from making mistakes, we try to embrace failure. It’s often difficult to step out of one’s comfort zone and try something new if you fear to fail. But, without allowing mistakes to happen, we could not improve, innovate and succeed in what we do. So, at Galaxkey, we encourage all our employees to be innovative without fear of failure and support them which drives greater achievement.” Looking ahead…Galaxkey has many exciting developments on the horizon and is looking forward to sharing these with both current and prospective clients. These will, undoubtedly, build on an already very successful and impressive service. Galaxkey is a unique data protection and management platform as it enables users to completely control the security and management of their data for its entire life-cycle. Randhir explores the importance of his firm’s solution in the modern digital market. “Fundamentally, we live in a world defined by our data even if we do not yet realise it. Data provides us with personalised, superior services and products that can be delivered at speed. However, this currently comes at a cost. Most companies do not keep data secure and customers have little control over how companies use and hold their data. Not only is this practice careless and dangerous it can prove very expensive and damaging for culpable corporates following the Galaxkey Limited Company: Galaxkey Limited Contact: Randhir Shinde Address: 2 Falcon Gate, Shire Park, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1TW, UK Phone: 0333 150 660 Web Address: