UK Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 139 , Company: Fast Food Systems Ltd Contact: Andrew Withers Phone: +44 01189441100 Address: Unit 1, Headley Park Nine, Headley Rd, E, Woodley, Reading, RG5 4SQ, UK SME New Enterprise Award 2018 Fast Food Systems Ltd UKE18098 Fast Food Systems Ltd is a Reading based family business that is committed to achieving excellence in the competitive fast food market. We profile the firm to learn more about the incredible success it has achieved over the years. Southern Fried Chicken was launched with the simple intention to serve the ‘very best tasting fried chicken’. This is as true today as it was 47 years ago and it will be long into the future. Essential to the growth of the brand was to give customers the same service and menu wherever in the world they step into a Southern Fried Chicken restaurant. A large investment was made in writing a range of manuals to standardise all of the processes used in a Southern Fried Chicken restaurant. A set of guidelines was also drawn up which highlights the minimum acceptable standards which franchisees are required to achieve or exceed. These standards are monitored and controlled by constant worldwide auditing and retraining where necessary. • No messed around processed chicken only ‘fresh real chicken’ • Pressure fried to perfection, kept for a short time in a humidified holding cabinet producing succulent chicken every time • Renowned customer service, hygiene standards and franchise support offering one of the most comprehensive packages in global franchising • Flexibility of outlet types with inception costs as low as £80,000 and ROI usually within 2.9 years and 4.0 years Southern Fried Chicken continue to expand their list of franchisees by targeting both developed and non-developed countries that offer prime franchise opportunities for investors. They are adaptable to take advantage of areas with limited saturation from the major global brands, utilising the smaller store footprint in smaller cities and towns, so increasing the potential for expansion. The brand is big enough to have built a strong group of nearly 100 franchisees through rigid attention to detail, but are small enough to adapt their system to a specific country’s needs. They are currently looking for suitable candidates and companies who want to join in their success as master or development franchisees and become part of the Brands future. The qualities that Southern Fried Chicken ideally look for in their franchisees are:- • High energy personnel or business with a sales and service oriented mindset which is driven by success. • Entrepreneurial outlook showing a successful track record in existing business, through the experience of one, two or more existing businesses or brands • Knowledge of food and beverage industry / QSR ideally • Willingness and funds to enable working capital and ongoing development • Management structure based around communication and cooperation • Access to retail property portfolio and locations • Development territory / country knowledge and connections • Based in a developing market This, together with the fact that they offer one of the most comprehensive packages in global franchising, with ongoing design, essential support, flexible local supply options and of course training with nearly 50 years’ experience, will ensure that the brand will continue for many years to come. Fast Food Systems is a proud family run business which has the founders’ son, Mr Andrew Withers, at the helm and who is steering us forward through international franchising and brand development. They currently have trading franchises in all four corners of the world and are successful in both developed and developing countries. In 1970, Arthur Withers established Fast Food Systems Limited after a trip to Greenville, Carolina, USA where he was served delicious Southern Fried Chicken in a local hotel restaurant. On returning to the UK, Arthur found that there was no Southern Fried Chicken readily available and the rest, as they say, is history. Fast Food Systems has been devoted to the Quick Service Restaurant sector. Today, the firm holds several well-known fast food franchising brands such as Southern Fried Chicken, AJ’s Piri Piri and Piccolo Pizza. The Flagship brand being Southern Fried Chicken. Among the firm’s successful projects is its creation of the Vizu brand, which produces speciality QSR equipment, for producing and storing the product at the optimum condition while maintaining moisture and temperature levels. Vizu will deliver what clients need, with products that are fit for their purpose and that is why the firm’s customers come back time and time again.