UK Enterprise Awards 2018

142 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , home, near junction 37 of the M1, was its proximity to the motorway network for efficient distribution. The results have certainly vindicated the change in strategy, with rapid growth and an ever-widening circle of satisfied customers. The trading arena for non-food FMCGs has changed rapidly over the last two years, driven by the Brexit decision and the devaluation of Sterling which affected both supplier strategies and customer attitudes. Nield on Demand’s approach has been to be highly responsive to customer needs while remaining sensitive to the pressures on UKE18129 Best for Bespoke Wholesale Supply - Yorkshire Nield on Demand Ltd is one of the UK’s fastest growing trading and wholesaling businesses serving customers in the UK and all over the world specialising in household, personal care and healthcare branded products. We explore how the firmmorphed from a Cash and Carry into a flourishing wholesaler in the space of just two years. its suppliers. What the future will bring is uncertain, as the reality of Brexit implementation remains to be clarified. However, the management team are determined to maintain the flexible and focused approach which has yielded success thus far and are confident that it will do so again whatever Brexit actually looks like. To ensure its ongoing success, the company’s relationships with suppliers have been a key focus for the management team since they took over the firm two years ago. They recognised that brand owners and their major distributors required reliable and trustworthy partners in the discount and convenience sectors – an area long known by many manufacturers as very difficult to navigate. This approach certainly appears to be bearing fruit, with three new major suppliers having been signed up in the last 12 months. Additionally, the management recognised at an early stage that technology could play a key role in the implementation of the new strategy. The company’s business system had a number of legacy issues but was essentially sound so the team rejected the idea of a business- wide upgrade instead focusing on the sales process. A cutting- edge, app-based sales presenter was identified, and after careful evaluation was implemented in less than three months, including successful integration with the legacy business system. In terms of return on investment, this was a major success. On hearing of the award Anthony Turner, Sales Director, said “We are elated and surprised to be given this award. We didn’t take on Nield on Demand to win awards but to have won this is a great tribute to the teamwork we have established in the business. It is also recognition for a great deal of hard work.” Looking ahead, Nield on Demand will continue to build upon its current success as it seeks to achieve its ambitious goal: to be recognised as a leader in its field and to maintain its profitable growth. This will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright, prosperous future. With a focus on the very best products at the very best prices, Nield on Demand serves wholesalers and retailers large and small across a number of sectors. The company has a long history in wholesaling and was, until 2016, primarily a Cash and Carry based in Central Manchester. In that year it was acquired by its current owners, with the vision of creating an international trading business. The business relocated to Barnsley in 2017 and ceased its Cash and Carry operations. The key advantage of its new Nield on Demand Ltd Company: Nield on Demand Ltd Address: Hugh House, Galpharm, Way, Dodworth, Barnsley, S75 3SP, UK Phone: 0161 832 5614 Nield on Demand Ltd