UK Enterprise Awards 2018

150 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , UKE18122 Best for Quality Human Hair Extensions 2018 Racoon International Company: Racoon International | Contact: Lisa Tebaldi, Marketing Manager | Address: Wills Pastures, Southam, Warwickshire, CV47 2XR UK | Phone: 01295 770999 | Website: services. Using our extensive range of hair, hairdressers become skilled in blending it to perfection to achieve the most natural look. No wonder many thousands of salons across the UK and hundreds more internationally are certificated to offer Racoon International’s products from the No 1 specialist hair extension company.” Quality is central to Racoon International’s process, which, according to Lisa, has helped the firm to set itself apart from its competitors, which is particularly important in today’s competitive market. “Over the years, our obsession about the consistent quality of our hair, products, attachment systems, training courses and customer service has set Racoon International apart from its competitors. We have worked with the same ethically-sourcing hair suppliers for decades, laying down very strict guidelines to ensure premium quality human hair is supplied every time. By working closely with our suppliers, we can guarantee the ethical sourcing of every delivery of our root-to-point correct and cuticle intact Remy human hair. We do not test on animals and none of our X-tend hair care products contain any ingredients or derivatives of bovine, ovine and caprine origin. “By maintaining flawless standards. Racoon recently (again) achieved a significant quality business standard known as an ISO9001:2015, awarded by the British Standards Racoon International is the No1 hair extension provider to the professional salon industry. We invited Lisa Tebaldi, Marketing Manager, to tell us more about the firm and the innovative array of products it has to offer. Institution (BSI.) Securing such an accreditation involves the BSI undertaking a comprehensive company audit, delving top to bottom into every aspect of company business and trading processes. An ISO is an internationally recognised standard which measures the quality of every aspect of a company, from management principles and employment processes to its product truths and customer focus. ISO standards provide guidance and tools for companies and organisations wanting to ensure they constantly deliver quality products and services to consistently meet customer requirements and expectations. This ensures that our clients and those who wear our products are always fully satisfied and receive only the very highest possible quality hair extensions.” Racoon’s Luxe Bond method also sets it apart from competitors. It is a loose hair system which allows a Racoonista to blend a mix of hair shades together to achieve the most natural of looks. With an extensive palette of colours to choose from, Racoon’s Luxe Bond system achieves natural, multi-toned colours to seamlessly match your own hair colour. Racoon also offers an exclusive colour matching service, which means salons can order bespoke blends of shades to perfectly match their client’s own hair. Also unique to Racoon is the bonding agent used to create Luxe Bonds. Super kind to hair yet formulated to be strong and durable it is scientifically proven to not damage hair and is as easy to remove as it is to apply. Its exact composition is a closely guarded secret but essentially, it’s a mixture of resins including pine kernel and peach stone extracts. The tiny bond (about the size of an uncooked grain of rice) is clear and discreet, making Luxe Bond extensions safe and secure, comfortable and unobtrusive. This focus on quality and innovation will remain as the firm looks towards a bright future, as Lisa is proud to conclude. “As we look to the future, at Racoon International our focus is on growing our customer base and achieving even greater success. Consistent quality for our clients and those who wear our products will remain our ongoing aim.” Drawing on its vast experience in the market, Racoon International provides premium quality human hair, the best application systems (including a unique bonding process), as well as the best education, care products and customer service, which collectively create the solid foundations for success with its network salons’ partnership. Supporting exclusively professional salons, the firm works hard to provide them with exceptional service and support so that they can offer their clients something truly unique, as Lisa is keen to showcase. “As part of our dedication to offer exclusive, exceptional products and services, only stylists who have attended the Racoon International courses are qualified to apply our hair extensions. If they do not make the grade, they are not allowed use, buy or apply our products. A stylist with a Racoon International certificate means they have solid, expert application knowledge and an understanding of the science of hair. It proves their creative flair and technical expertise have reached the highest possible standard. Once trained, a Racoon International stylist works closely with one of our Account Managers to make the most of their salon’s potential for profit. “All the help and support they need is just a call away and there’s a bundle of free marketing material – posters, leaflets, brochures – and tips on how to price and promote extension