UK Enterprise Awards 2018

154 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , UKE18137 Best Specialist Equipment Manufacturers 2018 - East Sussex Drallim Industries Limited the National Grid, London Underground, and nuclear power plants. Dave shares an insight into the firm’s work and success in more detail. “Since the beginning, here at Drallim we have been successful by identifying very niche markets and providing unique solutions in a cost- effective manner, operating at the highest levels of quality necessary in the critical industries we serve. Not many companies of our size hold the long list of accreditations that we do. That takes time, The Drallim Group is an innovative technology driven British engineering company with global export presence. Dave Mooney talks us through the group and the range of services it has to offer. money and dedication to achieve and maintain.” Based in St Leonards on Sea, Drallim is proud to represent British technology, selling to many clients across the globe. With an international clientele, Dave believes that staff are vital to the group’s success, and as such he is proud to discuss Drallim’s internal culture and how this ensures excellence for every client. “At Drallim, we have an unusual ownership in that its majority shareholder is a trust, set up for the benefit of the employees to maintain jobs in British Engineering. In many ways this makes Drallim a very special place to work. Our culture appreciates our people more than many larger firms and we have a higher level of loyalty, as people feel secure. Of course, people still need to work hard and contribute and not all fit into our culture, but surprisingly many who leave tell us they wish they could come back when they have experienced working elsewhere. We Since its inception in 1958 by engineer Angus Millard, Drallim has worked tirelessly on the design and development of an ever- growing portfolio of products. As manufacturers of specialist equipment, the organisation retains its reputation as a leading innovator in design and manufacturing solutions, providing engineering skills, manufactured equipment and custom-built designs for the aerospace, industrial and utility markets. Drawing on the expertise of its dedicated teams, the group is a specialist equipment manufacturer providing engineering skills, manufactured equipment and custom-built systems for the Aerospace, Industrial and Utility Markets. The group has experience in providing comprehensive solutions covering electronic, electromechanical and mechanical products. Its portfolio of products is vast, stretching from Cargo Hooks for underslung loads on helicopters, to remote monitoring systems for high voltage cables. There are several common threads; mechanical handling, valves and controls and remote monitoring, offering customers a total contract design and manufacturing service. The group has three divisions - aerospace, industrial, and utilities - and customers include British Airways, Rolls Royce, GE, the MoD, The Series 60 is an RSV: Designed By Angus Millard | Typical Product Application: Heysham (Power station). 8000lb Cargo hook, used on Bell Relentless 525 Helicopter Heysham units