UK Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 155 Company: Drallim Industries Limited Contact: Sarah Foreman Address: Millwood House, Drury Lane, Ponswood Industrial Estate, St Leonards-on-sea, TN38 9BA, UK Phone: 01424 205140 Website: hope to project that warmth of feeling to our customers and that is what makes us a superb company to do business with.” Operating in a fast-paced, increasingly competitive industry means that Drallim has to work hard to stay ahead of its competitors and remain successful. Dave explores how the firm achieves this through its commitment to innovation and client service. “Winning consistent orders remains tough in UK industry, with much uncertainty over investment and intrigue as to the final direction of our political scene. Projects are often delayed by long periods and added to that there is now a culture in many large companies of frequent and disruptive change which makes forecasting close to impossible. Also, we must not forget we remain a high cost economy and our solutions still need to make economic sense to our customers. “Despite these challenges, at Drallim, we have won the contract to supply cargo hooks for the next generation Bell 525 helicopter, demonstrating how we can provide good engineering jobs working on world class projects with British Technology. We are equipped with modern digital tools and equipment to deliver our designs and products to market.” Looking ahead, Dave foresees even greater success for Drallim, despite the challenges it still faces in the uncertain UK corporate landscape. “In our own small way, at Drallim we work to educate young people about careers in engineering, especially women who have much to contribute in our industry. This is the future for Britain whatever happens in the final Brexit solution. We will continue to develop new products and move forward. Another area under development is a device for telephone exchanges, which will ‘plug and play’ into an internet of things system to monitor the amount of water seeping into cables which would be reducing the quality of calls and broadband.” From Right: Dave Mooney - Managing Director. Drallim Industries Limited g