UK Enterprise Awards 2018

156 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , Best Property Developer 2018 - Scotland Ama (New Town) Ltd UKE18144 As Scotland’s most innovative property developer for more than 30 years, AMA’s trademark has always been innovation, design and quality, a combination of characteristics common to all its developments. We provide a profile of the firm to showcase its unique approach to property development and how it aims to offer clients the very highest possible standard of support and service throughout the process. buildings, then construct using the best possible materials and craftsman under the supervision of professionals. As such, clients can expect the highest of standards when they purchase from AMA Homes. Experienced staff are always available to assist clients at every stage, ensuring excellence that cannot be matched. Initially, AMA began in Edinburgh’s New Town, and the firm started out by refurbishing existing properties, either putting them into AMA’s success has been gained through an uncompromising dedication to quality which is the most important factor in any development. The firm’s philosophy is that “quality is a goal that cannot be compromised” . Since inception, AMA’s aim has always been to translate this philosophy into every detail of its developments – the firm choose the best possible sites, design the most appropriate