UK Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 157 residential use or from residential into commercial, breathing life into many Georgian buildings in the city. The main challenge was planning bas all operations were carried out right inside the historic New Town, working with listed building which presents certain constraints in terms of the approval process with the Council, going through Historic Scotland and so on. The challenge was convincing the right people that we were trying to achieve the best solutions within the architectural context we were dealing with. Looking at AMA’s portfolio, it demonstrates a desire not to produce the same building twice, with a flair for creating bespoke designs and a focus on quality. The firm’s ethos and main objectives is to produce was not to produce standard products on greenfield sites. AMA’s niche in the market is to problem solve a brownfield sites or do things that added value to Edinburgh architectural heritage. It is important to the team that it works with architects that have the right experience. For this reason, the firm is currently working on eight different design houses together with its own internal architectural team, to ensure the design the firm proposes for a building is consistent with the architecture of the area, fits in with the architectural grain and adds value to the surrounding area. In terms of regeneration schemes, AMA have carried out a 1 million square foot in Fountainbridge with Grosvenor and RBS. This is a significant regeneration programme in an area very close to the city centre and the now the Edinburgh’s financial centre. AMA also carried out a large urban housing development in Cramond designed by Richard Murphy, where we brought in a new form of design which has gone into the English Partnership book of good design. Although AMA’s immediate market in Edinburgh is well established, there are issues that prevent the buyers to move freely and with ease. The LBTT has had a profound influence on all purchasers but most of all this is a cost which has affected the downsizers. This has ultimately slowed down the activities in the market overall and has had a profound effect on all activities. Being in UK and operating in Edinburgh represents a great opportunity. Edinburgh is ranked in the top 10 locations in World for best locations to live. It is undoubtedly exciting to be able to shape our legacy in such a magnificent city. Looking ahead, AMA will continue to work alongside a range of innovative architects to continue to enhance the beauty of this historical city. Company: Ama (New Town) Ltd Contact: Behnam Afshar Address: 15 Coates Crescent, Edinburgh, EH3 7AF, UK Phone: 0131 226 1780 Website: Ama (New Town) Ltd g