UK Enterprise Awards 2018

16 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , Most Innovative Cloud Contact Centre Platform 2018 Vocalcom’s multi-award-winning cloud-based contact center solution and inside sales platform help businesses to drive a more effective sales team, and manage multichannel customer interactions as one single conversation. To find out more about the firm and how it came to win the prestigious title of Most Innovative Cloud Contact Centre Platform 2018, we invited Roy Holmes to share a fascinating insight into the company and the service it provides to its valued clientele. Since 1995, Vocalcom have been helping organisations to transform their contact centres. Today, the firm is the global market leader in web-based contact centre software, helping businesses to communicate with their customers more effectively and efficiently. Currently, over 600,000 agents in more than 4,500 organisations around the world, utilise the Vocalcom Application Suite to deliver a more efficient, effective and proactive service to their customers whilst radically reducing their overall operational cost. The firm’s platform, Hermes. Net, is a single unified web- based application, providing all contact centre functions from within a standard web browser. Our application suite is installed on industry standard servers and hosted at any location of your choice. With access from a standard internet browser, there is no requirement to install anything at the desktop providing organisations with a way to deliver proactive customer contact whilst increasing productivity, improving effectiveness and reducing ongoing costs. Hermes.Net can be deployed standalone or fully integrated to any telephony platform allowing you to leverage existing investments. The creation of this unique solution is the result of the passion and drive that everyone at Vocalcom exhibits, and client focus and innovation have been the team’s focus from the beginning, as Roy eagerly highlights. “Vocalcom was founded on the principle of simple design, providing solutions that are intelligent, open and beautifully easy to use. We have held on to the spirit with which we began: Listen to customers, act with integrity, be genuine, and keep it simple. At Vocalcom, we understand the need to turn each customer interaction into a positive business outcome. We focus on flexibility, simplifying and personalizing customer service for better customer experiences. “As a result of this, today companies of all sizes rely on Vocalcom to increase revenue generation and give customers the best experience, every time, no matter where or how customers interact with the company. To continue supporting our clients and offering them cutting edge solutions which meet their needs, in 2017 Vocalcom launched Customer Experience AI and it’s a powerful differentiator for your business. The platform combines bots, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and enables a seamless transition to agent- assisted service, when needed, that includes all relevant journey history and context.” Being based in the UK offers Vocalcom a vast array of benefits, which Roy is keen to explore as he shares the firm’s commitment to the country, despite the challenges that issues such as Brexit will create over the coming months. “As Vocalcom are a truly international company, based in over 45 Countries around the world and headquartered in France, we also need a more rounded, and International presence, that’s where the UK comes into play. As the UK is close to France, we often use the UK as our ‘doorway’ to the US and Australia. Based in London, we are easily accessible, not only from the whole of the UK but across Europe, and the world. Another benefit for us is that the UK is at the forefront of technology. In years gone by the USA might have lead the way, but nowadays we see clients in the UK asking more searching questions, and being more demanding and innovative than any other country. We often see the UK as the ground-breaking country that the others follow. “Fundamentally, Vocalcom are well placed to provide solutions to our customers wherever they may be located. Looking ahead, the UK will remain as one of our key hubs for business both inside and outside of Europe. We are a very flexible company and should changes be required, to enable our clients to make the most of our solutions, then these will be made with a minimum of disruption.” Ultimately, Roy and his team at Vocalcom are proud of the success they have achieved over recent years, including the winning of this award in our renowned UK Enterprise Awards. However, despite this success the firm is keen not to rest on its laurels, and instead is seeking to continue to innovate and adapt around the latest industry developments so that it can continue to offer clients truly cutting-edge solutions, as Roy proudly concludes. UKE18003 Vocalcom