UK Enterprise Awards 2018

162 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , Best Dental Practice 2018 - Merseyside Embrace HR UKE18101 Prescot House Dental Surgery is a Merseyside based dental practice providing both NHS and private services to awide range of patients.We interviewedDr. Rasllani to learnmore about the practice and how it works to ensure excellence for everyone it treats. is no exception, and as such at Prescot House Dental Surgery we cultivate a family atmosphere where our team can thrive and achieve their goals. We are constantly working with them to ensure that they feel fulfilled in their role, and have annual appraisals where we explore their personal development goals and how we can help them to achieve these. Training is offered year-round, and we are always encouraging our dentists to explore new techniques and take courses to enhance their skillset.” Alongside her passion for supporting her patients and staff, Dr. Rasllani is also keen to share her love for the NHS, an institution which she believes is entirely unique and vital to her community. “Recently, as a result of the economic problems we are seeing around the world, we are noticing more patients moving from private services to NHS solutions, due to the cost reduction involved in this switch. I personally believe that the NHS is a vital service and am very proud to offer our patients the option to use NHS services through our practice. “In many countries around the world, patients pay huge fees, whereas in the UK we are fortunate that the NHS offers a cost effective option for everyone. Whether they are private or NHS patients, at Prescot House Dental Surgery we keep our fees simply- Drawing on over eighty years’ experience in the industry, Prescot House Dental Surgery provides a range of treatments for a diverse array of patients. It is the practice’s inclusivity which Dr. Rasllani is particularly keen to highlight. “At Prescot House Dental Surgery we pride ourselves on our inclusivity, and as such we treat patients of all ages, with a specialist focus on children and nervous patients. Unlike many other dental practices, we have disabled access throughout, as well as a children’s play area, so that we can provide our award-winning service offering to everyone who needs it. “Our experienced and dedicated staff speak a variety of languages, including French, Swedish, Arabic and Russian, so that we can communicate with our patients and ensure that they are completely comfortable throughout their treatment. Every member of our team has a minimum of 20 years’ experience in dentistry, and as such our patients can rest assured that they are in safe hands when they visit Prescot House Dental Surgery.” These experienced, talented staff are central to the practice’s success, and as such Dr. Rasllani works hard to ensure that they are supported and enjoy a collaborative internal culture. “Staff are vital in any service based business, and dentistry Company: Prescot House Dental Surgery Contact: DR. Heba Alraslani Address: 3 High Street, Prescot, Merseyside, L34 3LD, UK Phone: 0151 426 6460 Website: there are no hidden costs or mandatory plans, so our patients can rest assured that they are getting quality, value for money dental services when they come to us.” Overall, hachieved phenomenal success over recent years, looking ahead Prescot House Dental Surgery will continue to strive for excellence by integrating new services into its portfolio, as Dr. Rasllani proudly concludes. “Looking to the future, I am keen to add Ozone therapy to our service offering. This cutting- edge solution is a painless treatment that can whiten teeth, fill in cavities and kill bacteria, all without the need for anaesthetics or needles. This new addition to our offering will allow us to continue to provide our patients with the very latest solutions that will meet their varied needs and exceed their expectations.”