UK Enterprise Awards 2018

18 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , Acer Engineering is a manufacturer of bespoke steel fabrications, providing innovative engineering solutions for industrial customers, both locally and nationally. We invited David Halton to tell us a bit more about the firm and the services that it offers. Award for Innovation in Engineering Design – Cheshire Acer Engineering is a family run business with an engineering staff that has many years of experience in a variety of industries. The company designs, fabricates, cuts/paints, installs and at times invents steel solutions and structures. Typically, Acer Engineering deals with a range of companies from small powder producers for the make-up industry, through to the largest automotive manufacturers, to schools and hospitals. The firm offers all its customers a full service, from initial survey through to design, manufacture and installation. Having been selected in the UK Enterprise Awards for an Award in Innovation in Engineering Design within Cheshire, David explains what it means to the firm to have been selected. “Here at Acer Engineering, we are so proud to win this award as it is an extraordinary achievement, especially considering the array of very skilled and highly professional companies that we were up against. We believe we won because we have been recognised as an innovative company that strives every day for excellence in all areas of our business – which is what Acer Engineering is all about.” Motivating staff to deliver the best results they can, David set the team goals to aim for, and achieving these targets will eventually see the company realise its mission of being able to expand into new sectors, as David alludes to. “Acer Engineering’s mission is to continue to grow as a company, to be innovative and to explore and expand into new sectors such as rail and nuclear. We have a clear plan and process to achieve this mission, which is already well underway; part of which is ensuring our investment in our own people. We train every member of staff to help them achieve their very best, and this helps maintain our highly motivated and extremely skilled workforce.” Alongside consistently delivering excellent results, David tells us what other attributes the team possess which enables Acer Engineering to separate itself apart from its competitors, including staff’s customer service and passion for their work. “Acer Engineering stands out from the crowd by putting our staff and customers first. We strive for complete satisfaction from every customer every time, and no matter the size of the project, we take pride in what we do, and we have fun while we are doing it. We stand out because when you meet us, or any member of our team, our passion for what we do is clear, and we believe, infectious. This is what makes Acer Engineering the best possible and practicable option for our clients.” Working in the North West of England has been of great benefit to Acer Engineering, and David comments on what opportunities in the region have presented themselves to the company, as well as some of the avenues the firm is continuing to explore. “Being based in the North West gives us great access to a highly skilled and motivated workforce that we are helping to grow through our apprenticeship scheme. Added to this our head office location in Halton has a great local infrastructure, which affords us an efficient gateway to both motorway networks and water connections, enabling us to swiftly and easily navigate and reach our clients in any part of the UK.” Internally, David is delighted to tell us that the staff at Acer Engineering are the firm’s greatest asset. Acting with integrity and conducting an ethical approach to all matters, Acer Engineering continues to go from strength to strength thanks to its expert staff. “Throughout the company, we strive to ensure that everyone is happy, involved and motivated. We provide extra motivation to our staff by having an employee share scheme in place, and make every effort to identify, celebrate and congratulate individual staff members performance. “Every member of our team, from shop floor to back office, have complete access to continuous training and learning in their field, this helps to motivate and provide confidence in an ever changing and evolving industry. This has resulted in the creation of a unique workforce that is individually, and as a team, highly skilled. This in turn has created a financially robust business that puts the needs of our staff and customers first.” Looking ahead, the team at Acer Engineering is very excited about the future opportunities that they are creating for the company. The team’s plans going forward are firstly, to expand further on the management share scheme that is already in place and UKE180054 Acer Engineering Ltd