UK Enterprise Awards 2018

20 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , Bailey & Taylor Ltd is among the leading flooring companies in the UK, and as such the firm works with a wide range of clients, and holds contracts with Government and other leading organisations. We invited Stewart Taylor to tell us more about this dynamic company and how it works to ensure that these esteemed clients receive the exceptional level of support and service that they expect. Best Flooring Contractors 2018 - Greater London Originally formed as a partnership in 1964 and incorporated in 1993, today Bailey & Taylor draws on its vast industry experience to provide its clients with a high quality service that cannot be found elsewhere. Stewart explores how the firm works with its illustrious and important clients to ensure that it offers them an unparalleled level of service which meets their individual needs. “Since inception Bailey & Taylor has been proud to work for both central and local government as well as all types of private sectors. We specialise in healthcare and carry out contracts for many trusts. The MOD is also a major client of ours. We work in the City of London for many institutions, providing traditional types of floorings from Wilton Carpets to hand made rugs and timber flooring. “For these renowned clients we offer the full range of services, ranging from sub floor preparation, all types of carpets and carpeting, safety floors and all types of vinyl and wall claddings. We have specialised teams of fitters that carry out this work and are used to working at the highest of levels, both in service and finish. As a company we have worked hard over the years to provide a first-rate service, taking the problems out of all sizes of projects. Communication is the key to making any project run well, and it is my belief that no matter what the size of the contract, if we can achieve success in our initial communication and follow this up with a first-rate installation, we will have satisfied customers and profitable contracts.” This commitment to client service and ensuring that clients receive a hassle-free experience is central to the firm’s ongoing success, something Stewart is incredibly proud of. “Fundamentally, we believe that providing our clients with zero problems and contracts that are completed on time will ensure that we are able to retain those clients for many years. This approach is clearly effective, as we have many of the same clients now that we had when we were incorporated and our mission is to carry this on and grow steadily, but not to compromise on the service we offer. “To achieve this, at Bailey & Taylor we have a positive attitude and always try to say yes. Our Surveyors and Contract Managers work closely with both the client and the fitting teams, providing a two-way communication stream. Training is a necessary and valuable tool and one that is engrained into our internal culture so that our staff are always able to offer clients the service they have come to rely on. As a team we celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes as a team and this gives us a positive attitude as a company which invaluable to our clients.” With regards to the future, Stewart is optimistic that his firm can continue to grow and flourish as he explores the myriad of developments that Bailey & Taylor will be adapting around going forward. “As a company we see positive changes on the horizon, because our industry is changing for the better. Training is now more common place and Health and Safety on all sites is providing better working conditions for our operatives, and we are always seeking to improve conditions and go above and beyond to ensure that we are compliant with the latest legislation and supporting our staff. Alongside these industry specific issues, social and political developments such as Brexit will have a minor impact on our company. Logistics in and around the major Cities, for construction, is our biggest issue and one that needs to be addressed, and we are looking forward to sharing our views on this with industry bodies and supporting them as we look towards an exciting future. “Despite the challenges that these changes may present, overall the future looks bright for Bailey & Taylor, as we have contracts starting that will see us fitting carpets in prestigious locations in the City of London and we are currently working on a contract for the Government that sees us fitting over 1,000 m2 of carpet per week, in various locations, in the South and East of England. Over the coming years we will continue to provide the level of service to our existing and new customers and look forward to growing our company.” Bailey & Taylor Ltd UKE180059 Company: Bailey & Taylor Ltd Contact: Stewart Taylor Address: 10 Rose Way, Rochford, SS4 1LY, UK Phone: 01702 542888 Website: