UK Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 21 , Beyond Analysis is a London based firmwhich provides a range of data analytics services through its AI and data automation platform. AdamDavies provides us with an insight into the firm and how it has flourished over recent years thanks to its vast industry expertise. Best Big Data Analytics Firm 2018 - London Established in 2007, since inception Beyond Analysis has been committed to helping businesses use data to become leaner, make smarter, faster decisions and solve complex business problems. Adam explores how the firm works to achieve this thanks to its innovative technology. “At Beyond Analysis, our vision is to help our clients to become passionate advocates of data driven decision making through making it quick and easy to put their data to work and get it out into the hands of the frontline. We also enable our clients to commercialise the valuable data assets that they create through the course of doing business.” “All of this is achieved through our quick and easy cloud based analytics, reporting and predicative platform. The platform is supported by our award- winning consulting and analytics services. As testimony to the excellence of these solutions, today we work with clients across all sectors, including financial services, retail, travel and tourism and telecoms both in b2b and b2c capacities, all of whom rely on us to provide them with the support and information they need to succeed.” Operating in a competitive market, Beyond Analysis has to work hard to mark itself out as the best possible option for clients. The key differentiator, in Adam’s opinion, is the firm’s unique ownership model, which offers clients a more cost effective means of managing and using their data. “What truly sets us apart from our competitors is the fact that we offer our clients a substantially lower total cost of ownership. We know data and how to use it to best effect and do this in the quickest, most cost-efficient manner. We have invested in the automation and machine learning that eliminates the need for costly resource to manage your data. By choosing Beyond Analysis clients can avoid lengthy and costly technology implementations and are never restricted by licences or the need to hire in experts.” Overall, Beyond Analysis has achieved incredible success over the past decade, and moving forward the firm will continue to adapt its service offering and solution to ensure that it remains at the very cutting edge of Big Data analytics, as Adam is excited to conclude. “Looking ahead, our plans for the next few years revolve around further developing our AI and machine learning capabilities. As a predominantly software focussed business, we can only succeed as a result of using technology. We are constantly looking for and creating ways to better serve our clients through the use of cutting edge technologies. We invest a significant amount of time and effort into R&D to ensure that we are always keeping pace with technological advancements. We have seen a huge growth in our offering within the AI and machine learning space, and this is really resonating with all of our clients, and as such we are keen to develop this further so that we can continue to offer them the solutions they have come to expect.” Beyond Analysis UKE180065 Company: Beyond Analysis Contact: Adam Davies Address: 1st Floor, Woodcock House, Gibbard Mews, High Street, Wimbledon Village, London, SW19 5BY, UK Phone: 0203 432 4323 Web Address: