UK Enterprise Awards 2018

22 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , Bravura Foods are experts and leaders in award winning vegan and vegetarian brand ownership, distribution, sales andmarketing in the UKMarket. As this niche space flourishes in the food and drink industry we profile the firm to find out more. Best Vegan and Vegetarian Sales, Marketing and Distribution Business 2018 Originally established in January 2011 with the initial distribution contract for Panda Liquorice, Bravura Foods is owned by Vegan Lisa Gawthorne and business partner Karl Morris who are both 50% owners. The company has grown in the past seven years from one brand to the current count of seven brands in the portfolio, five of which are held on an exclusive distributor basis for the UK market. These brands are Panda Liquorice, Freedom Mallows, Little Miracles, Captain Kombucha and Vegan Bakery. There are also two additional brands, Peanut Hottie and Free From Fellows, which are owned and managed fully by Bravura Foods. Both of which are contract manufactured. The brands are distributed into the retail market with a focus on trading with all the supermarkets, high street retailers, health food chains and independent health food stores. This vast range has grown over the years, as the team at Bravura Foods have seen a huge trend for plant based eating, and this more than just a “passing trend” or a “fad” . The team know it is here to stay as the number of vegans are increasing steadily year by year fuelled by choices related to health, the environment, and animal welfare, to name just a few. This is being heavily influenced by both social media and the rise in vegan documentaries exposing the meat and dairy trades. As such, technology is a key focus for Bravura Foods, as it seeks to build its presence and showcase its vast array of brands to even more consumers. Being a lean virtual business, every aspect is underpinned by technology. The management do not believe in the daily commutes, or the pollution and stress it brings and the unnecessary overheads associated with a central office. They think with a very futuristic attitude and as everyone is home based, the team run off a web based server that allows everyone to access all files real time, take control of each other’s screens, edit documents live etc. All these internal systems are very “big business” orientated as both owners Karl and Lisa come from large organisations so their systems run like clockwork and the team remain heavily focused on providing the highest possible services levels each and every day. Alongside reducing stress and costs, this innovative culture promotes creativity and working off initiative but at the same time, it also effectively keeps the staff at Bravura Foods together and operating closely as an effective team. Together they are helping to support a wide range of clients and provide them with the delicious vegan and vegetarian food they love. Looking to the future, Bravura Foods is now poised for extensive growth. The team have been busy finalising the company’s accelerated growth plans for all brands and the entire business. The firm’s mentors on the Goldman Sachs program have assisted heavily in this strategic planning, which includes a sugar free, gluten free, gelatine free range of gummies and hard-boiled sweets (Free From Fellows) which was recently listed in Holland & Barrett, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and Wholefoods. It has been an exciting time for Bravura Foods, and in addition to its new presence in stores the firm has started to export to Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Slovakia, Iceland and Australia. Another key development the team have been working heavily on is a dairy free chocolate peanut butter cup product under the Peanut Hottie brand, that the team is poised to launch in the Autumn of this year. These exciting developments offer the team many exciting opportunities for further growth and success. Ultimately, the future is vegan and Bravura Foods’ mission revolves around the teams’ genuine passion for providing exceptional vegan food and drink products to the market from all over the world. This mission is underpinned by our three very strong core values – passion, ethics and flair. Bravura Foods UKE18080 Company: Bravura Foods Address: 26 York Street, Mayfair, London, W1U 6PZ Phone: 0203 086 8676 Website: