UK Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 29 , and the elderly at no cost in order to maintain their daily fitness regime and to combat sarcopenia. These developments will provide us with many great opportunities which we look forward to taking advantage of over the years to come.” Company: Gym In Motion Ltd Contact: Ronald Gladwell Address: 1 Warren Bottom Erwarton, Suffolk IP9 1LR Web: Gym In Motion remains able to provide clients with the solutions they need, as Ronald concludes. “With regards to the future, we will shortly be the launching of the first Walking4Life(TM) all weather walking circuit in the country on June 16th. This has been in response to motivating the elderly into daily walking in a safe and secure environment. Gym In Motion is presenting this walking circuit to an Essex community at no charge, as our way of giving to a community. We are also looking at expanding the number of Walking4Life(TM) programs in local communities, zoos, aquariums, shopping complexes and airports. “This exciting array of new developments is topped off by our exploration at producing a DVD collection which will be made available to care homes Gym InMotion Ltd is an innovative approach to fitness created by experienced personal trainer Ronald Gladwell. We invited Ronald to tell us more about howhe supports his clients to achieve the fitness level and wellbeing that they want. Best Fitness Programs Provider - East Anglia Gym In Motion is a mobile gym covering East Anglia and Essex offering wellbeing and fitness solutions to a range of clients needing specialist supporting, including the over 55’s, clients who are physically disabled as well as those with learning difficulties. Ronald explores the diverse range of services that the firm offers to this vast array of clients. “Here at Gym In Motion we offer 1-2-1, group sessions as well as programs covering Falls Prevention- Otago and Square Step, Be Active With Parkinsons and Walking4Life(TM). In addition, we provide bespoke programs to specific organisations for example our Retain and Regain program to a major healthcare provider. Alongside offering these services, we have developed FitBingo(TM) and FitHoy(TM) which improves mental agility, memory, as well as hand-eye coordination. “Offering this range of solutions helps us to achieve our mission: to enhance the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities through responsive services that enable quality of life, independence, safety, function and dignity. We are able to react fast to any changes to a person’s fitness level and therefore adjust our programs instantly. We also collaborate with a number of research facilities worldwide in order to bring the latest outcomes to benefit our clients. Apart from our staff being trained in their field, all staff are Dementia Friends and some are learning BSL to better interact with our clients. All our staff are understanding towards the needs of each of our clients.” Operating in the highly competitive fitness market, Ronald and his team have worked hard to develop a unique service offering which cannot be found elsewhere, as he highlights. “At Gym In Motion, we work hard to devise a service offering that will enhance our clients’ quality of life, and we support them as they undertake it to ensure that they understand the benefits. Each exercise benefit is explained and is associated with an everyday function. Our sessions cover balance, stability, muscle strengthening, flexibility amongst others. In the course of the sessions we make use of equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands, sensory equipment and imagination. Each session we provide is different to the last, thus keeping our clients motivated. Each session is tailored to the specific client or group, from the exercises through to the music played. Additionally, our sessions are designed to make exercising fun and no a chore. Social interaction is encouraged during each session.” Looking ahead, Ronald and his team will continue to enhance their service offering to ensure that Gym In Motion Ltd UKE180036