UK Enterprise Awards 2018

30 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , ignis Ltd is a dynamic, London based branding agency dedicated to creating unique, eye-catching campaigns. We caught up with StephanieWhitaker to find out more. Best for Branding Services 2018 - London ignis is a fiercely independent brand experience agency, with almost 30 years of experience sparking the connections that lead to brand love. Over the years ignis have activated brands such as Jameson, Marriott, Calvet and JTI all over the world, helping them to ensure that human, social and intuitive experiences are at the very heart of every consumer interaction. From experiential to content, from shopper to social, the firm do it all for clients, and their work is experienced by thousands and seen by millions. Stephanie explores the firm’s approach and how it relies on collaboration and client service. “At ignis, our core values are communication, training and learning, cooperation, wellbeing and breaking barriers. We embrace entrepreneurial spirit, want to make great even better, stay true to our beliefs, ensure our staff burn bright and burn strong, and work with purpose. With an average client tenure of 17 years, we know the value of relationships. That is why we endeavour to create work that speaks to the human behind the consumer, and build brands that people want in their lives.” As in any creative service industry, in branding staff are vital to success, and as such Stephanie is keen to highlight the firm’s internal culture and how dedicated they are to creating a collaborative, supportive atmosphere where staff can thrive. “Although only 50 employees and based in South West London, we are benchmarked against major network agencies in groups with significant resources like WPP and Interpublic, and we have a truly global reach. We believe that it is our people who enable us to ‘punch above our weight’, and as such our employees are at the heart of everything we do. With 14 awards wins since 2017, we believe we must be doing something right. “In terms of company culture, we operate a work hard, play hard ethos. Our ‘ignitiative’ platform ensures we stay true to our core values. Our way of being has retained Clients for decades, so it seemed appropriate to follow the same methodology internally. We wrote the ignitiative brief and tasked ignites from all departments with finding a creative solution. This resulted in a series of initiatives (each tailored to reflect our core values) but with sufficient appeal to engage all personnel. So, the ‘iglympics’, the ‘Bright Spark’ monthly award, the ignathon (with training ‘pack runs’ alongside the agency dog), charity affiliation, and even the Christmas Migx- tape (where each ignite helped recreate a classic dance move on video) provided all personnel with a mechanic to engage. ‘Thirsty Thursdays’, curated by each department in turn, provides an opportunity to get together every month, and the monthly Breakfast Club rewards early risers with pre- work coffee and conversation.” Looking ahead, Stephanie is keen to emphasise how ignis will continue to build upon its current success whilst at the same time maintaining its reputation for excellence. “With regards to the future of ignis, maintaining and developing our current client relationships and adding more global clients to the mix is our core focus. Evolving our agency services with the everchanging digital landscape and utilising data to deliver more insightful human experiences and interactions, will also be an aim. All of this will be achieved whilst at the same time ensuring we have the right people in place to deliver this to the standards to which our clients hold us.” Ignis Ltd UKE18070 Company: ignis Ltd Contact: Stephanie Whitaker Address: St Johns Hall, 374 North End Road, Fulham, London, SW6 1LY, UK Phone: 020 7385 6677 Website: