UK Enterprise Awards 2018

42 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , Profile is aMerseyside based, ISO 9001-2008 and OSCAR®Accredited company offering a wide range of innovative solutions. We invited Director Claire Moffatt -Lonsdale to provide us with an insight into the firmand the services it offers. Best Bespoke Business Solutions Company 2018 Drawing on over 15 years’ experience in the industry, Profile provides its clients with high quality, cost efficient services designed to meet their needs. These solutions include performance monitoring, evidence collection, audit trails, assessment, training, business development or communications support. Claire is keen to showcase the various benefits that her firm’s vast knowledge and industry experience offers. “Delivered by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, at Profile we transfer our knowledge to people, teams and business developers, helping them to make the best use of creative and innovative digital technology. We provide our clients with solutions, giving them the freedom to focus on real commercial issues, creating a great work life balance. Our on- going in-house appraisal ensures our market positioning as a leading private training provider. “As a company, we are a bottom line focused driver, with a proven track record in T&D. We are also a resourceful business, and as such we are able to assist many cross-sector clients to achieve their aspirations and deliver their products and services. We believe our ability to understand the needs of a business, individual or product and translate these into a digital solution, are the basic reasons for our continued success. “Alongside this is our clients, and we are proud of and grateful for all the support that they have given us over recent years. As a thank you to those participating companies who have helped us achieve this award, we have recognised them in our Awards Video. ” Practising what it preaches, Profile provides its clients with the solutions that it uses itself so that they know they are receiving the very highest standards of support and service, as Claire emphasises. “Our journey from the ‘old’ e-MASTER software and to the ‘new’ The Enterprise Platform has allowed us to include a mobile interface on our main platform . A powerful combination when used together, our solutions also gives the freedom for clients to use one or the other. These solutions are independent or not tied to any specific hardware device or operating systems, thus giving clients time to focus on the real commercial issues rather than continually chasing new technology . “Internally, our culture of CPD has been so successful that it has been holistically integrated into our technical delivery. This enables us to Manage Assess Communicate in real-time, through a platform that increases productivity and reduces operational expenditure. This single platform was developed to handle the increasing demands of the hard issues – mandatory, statutory, regulatory, with the all- consuming form filling processes within every Business regardless of sector, along with softer needs of People Engagement, Customer Satisfaction, Quality feedback and surveys.” Looking ahead, Profile aims to drive even greater success for both itself and its valued clients, as Claire highlights in her concluding comments. “Over the next few months will see the launch of our spearhead involvement with OSCAR ® . Originally designed for the construction sector, now through Profile, the organisation has extended its focus to any sector curriculum via the Guardians of the Standard: Construction, Professional Management, Health & Wellbeing and Technology. The key focus of OSCAR ® is to provide bespoke Assessment and Accreditation in real live working environments in partnership with key stakeholders for specialist sectors to help support, develop, recognise the ‘needs’ of those delivering their skill sets. “These qualifications can be used independently of any other recognition or add value hand in hand with other qualifications. In the absence of any other formal qualifications, recognition to core skills sets, cements continued competency of execution in the field. The OSCAR ® s are a progressive extension to complete our portfolio in recognising achievement in the UK and internationally in the digital space. “Overall, thanks to this ongoing project and the success it has already achieved, the future looks bright for Profile, and we are keen to build upon our current success and grow even further over the years still to come. Following the path of where inevitable technology development takes us, we believe that in focusing our strategic delivery through the OSCAR ® sector Guardians, combined with working partnerships through the Sensor City provides us with the foundations to drive and adapt our technology and support our companies through to greater success over the next decade and beyond .” Profile - TBSC Ltd UKE180018 Company: Profile - TBSC Ltd Company Name: Profile TBSC Ltd Contact: Claire Moffatt-Lonsdale Address: Southport, Merseyside, PR8 5EF, UK Phone: 0795 6153 652 Website: