UK Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 51 , Company: True Potential LLP Address: Gateway West, Newburn Riverside, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 8NX, UK Website: replace its current Investment Platform with a brand-new version, built totally in-house and incorporating Blockchain technology, with the testing phase for this scheduled to begin in the next few weeks. This will give the group total control over trading, technology, reporting and of course costs. These exciting developments promise even greater success for this innovative and creative group as it looks towards a bright future. and iOS devices. Since the technology was launched in 2014, the group has seen over £100m invested and around a third of these transactions have been £10 or under. The hope is that the technology will change the habits of investors from impulse spending to impulse saving. Ultimately, True Potential is a proactive group, and as such, moving forward it will continue to innovate and adapt its service offering to meet the needs of its clients. During 2018, the group will True Potential LLP is one of the UK’s most innovative financial services groups. We profile the group tofind outmore and explore the range of innovative solutions it offers, whichhas helped it towin this prestigious accolade in our 2018UKEnterprise Awards. Most Innovative Financial Services Group 2018 a strong base for financial services and tech-based firms. This is highlighted by True Potential’s Managing Partner David Harrison comments on UK business in the group’s latest Annual Report. “2017 was judged by us to be a good year for the UK, of course some business commentators would disagree, but frankly I fail to understand what they are judging the UK against. We are one of the major economies in the world and have influence far in excess of nearly everyone else. It’s a great country to be in. However, every bit of good news seems to be met with the adage ‘despite Brexit’. Every piece of bad news is ‘because of Brexit’. True Potential really doesn’t care. Our founding philosophy has been that we live in unpredictable times, and that should be thought of as normal. If that is the case then we should thrive on chaos and unpredictability, which I see as the more natural order of things.” Technology has always been at the forefront of the groups offering, This is well replicated in their world-first impulseSave ® technology, which has lowered one of the key barriers to investment by making it possible for investors to top-up their account without the need of a Financial Adviser. Clients who use impulseSave ® can top up their investments in seconds, on the go and from as little as £1 at a time. The technology is part of the True Potential and True Potential Investor app, which is available for both android With over £7.6 billion currently held on its platform and £4.7 billion in its portfolios, True Potential’s aim is to revolutionise the way wealth management is delivered and to help close the UK Savings Gap. From the launch of its Wealth Platform in 2011, built entirely in-house, the group has launched a succession of pioneering, market-leading technologies. The group’s success comes from the management team’s entrepreneurship that translates into an agile company that can respond to the changing landscape of UK financial services. The True Potential Group is made up of True Potential Investments, True Potential Wealth Management and True Potential Advisor Services. As a company True Potential has adopted an agile method of business. As such, both the firm and its funds work with a long-term aim, but a short-term focus on what will work now and for the near future. If it does not succeed as planned, the team are able to quickly change it and try something else, without risking the business or any funds in the meantime. This creative approach has helped the firm to become true innovators in the competitive financial services space. Being based in Newcastle, True Potential is able to enjoy the benefits of being based in the UK, which, despite the challenges the region faces over the coming years, remains True Potential LLP UKE180016