UK Enterprise Awards 2018

54 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 Food Intolerance Testing Company of the Year 2018 & Award for Excellence in Dietary Research & Solutions 2018 YorkTest Laboratories have over 35 years of excellence in laboratory diagnostic testing and are a leading provider of food and drink specific IgGantibodytestingprogrammes.We invitedCEORachel Jansento talk to us about this leading healthcare focused laboratory-based business and provide us with an insight into the fascinatingwork it undertakes. nutritious alternatives and optimise their diet. In order to demonstrate the huge potential of food intolerance testing for businesses across the globe, we worked with the Leeds based IT company, Blue Logic, earlier this year to carry out a clinical trial. In total, 26 employees took part in the trial and the majority benefited from this. Just one month after replacing their ‘trigger foods’, 88% of the participants felt an improvement in their general health.” Ultimately, YorkTest has achieved incredible success since it first began, and looking ahead the firm is keen to build upon this and grow even further, as Rachel is proud to conclude. “When we first started, we were trading in just two countries, in the UK and Ireland, and now we trade in 45 across the globe with dozens of international partners. We are continually growing and bringing our food intolerance tests to more people across the world, and as a result are investing in our people. “On the back of the KCP investment in the summer of 2017, we unveiled a company strategy for each and every member of the YorkTest team to work towards. This 20/20 vision is a plan that outlines how YorkTest will become world-wide leaders in health-related services by the year 2020. To achieve this, we will be moving to a larger office to allow us to increase our workforce further, expand the range of services we offer, conduct innovative research and continue to launch ongoing strategic initiatives. These developments offer our firm many exciting opportunities which we are looking forward to taking advantage of over the years to come.” of ingredients tested to 208, it is our best value test to date and has also proved to be our most popular. “Last year, we celebrated 35 years of excellence in the field of laboratory diagnostic testing, and in July 2017, Private Equity House KCP acquired a majority stake in our business with a considerable investment of £8.65M.” Alongside its work in the testing market, YorkTest has been working hard over recent months to provide wider training and information on food intolerance and how it can be handled, something Rachel is particularly keen to highlight. “As well as serving individuals and health and fitness practitioners, we have recently helped many other businesses, from the finance sector, food industry, construction firms to blue chip companies, to address the food intolerances of their workforce. “After all, food intolerance has been associated with a number of disruptive health complaints, such as migraines, fatigue, IBS and even mental conditions including anxiety and depression. The rate of employees suffering from symptoms such as these can have a big impact on absence and productivity levels within a workplace. Our dedicated corporate wellness team have worked with businesses large and small to identify those in the company who are symptomatic and carry out testing so that they can discover their food intolerances. “With extensive post-test support, including consultations with our BANT registered nutritional therapists, employees are then able to replace their ‘trigger foods’ with Since its inception in 1982, YorkTest has not only refined the extensive post-test support its customers receive but also introduced a series of alternative tests to cater for a range of diets. The firm’s services have also developed further through its ongoing scientific research and commitment to sharing the potential of food intolerance (defined as a food-specific IgG antibody reaction) testing as widely as possible. Rachel shares the firm’s mission and explains how this approach helps the company to further provide clients with the highest possible level of service and testing they can truly rely on. “Here at YorkTest, our mission is to provide exceptional wellness related testing and support services that empower people and businesses to take action to improve their health and quality of life. Our testing is carried out by an expert laboratory team, overseen by Scientific Director, Dr Gill Hart. All that is required from the customer is an easy finger prick blood sample, which can be taken in the comfort of their own home using our simple kit, then posted on to us in a pre-paid envelope. “To further enhance our services and achieve our mission, we take great care to listen to our customers, and going forward we will expand the range of services we offer, conduct innovative research and continue to launch ongoing strategic initiatives. In January, we introduced our most comprehensive food intolerance tests with our premium range, analysing more ingredients than we have before in company history. Testing reactions to 50 additional ingredients to take our total number YorkTest Laboratories Ltd UKE180041