UK Enterprise Awards 2018

58 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 these in order to continue to provide clients with cutting edge support that they can rely upon. “Currently, in our market providing the best value is more important than it ever has been. Often when choosing a product, price can be easy to identify, but add a service and the best offer often is not the lowest cost. Our greatest challenge is to make the customer aware of our package, how we provide the right system, how our team safely install it and how well it will perform once complete. “As such, at BIF we remain at the cutting edge of the latest developments, offering clients a solution that will meet their needs and justify the price we charge. We import unique resin systems which we tailor by design to meet the performance criteria required by our clients. For example, we have a unique quartz resin which provides an ideal industrial floor in a factory but we can modify it to provide a safe, durable & attractive surface for high security environments; the same base system providing exceptional durability in a factory, but also preventing self-harm of people who are in care. “The same system can then be adapted further to protect electronic devices from static, or provide seamless hygiene in an operating theatre. Tailoring the same system in structure, BIF is a specialist Performance Floor, Wall and Ceilings company based in Retford, Nottinghamshire. Simon Bellamy talks us through the firmand the range of services it has to offer. Best for Resin Floor Supply 2018 - Nottinghamshire As pioneers in the specialist flooring supply market, BIF were one of the first specialists to take an industrial floor and make it work in a commercial setting. Simon discusses the firm’s solutions in more detail and outlines how these support the firm’s clients, with whom the team works on a variety of industrial, commercial or secure living accommodation projects. “Here at BIF, we constantly aim to to deliver the best installation, using the latest technology, supported by the technical expertise we have within our talented team. We also focus on providing ongoing post installation support to ensure our clients get the most from the surfaces we provide. Where industrial, medical or emergency sectors need tough interior surfaces, BIF provides finishes to withstand chemical and physical attack. Our systems improve the safety of people at work or in care and because of the specialist materials we use, installations provide extremely durable surfaces.” Drawing on his vast experience in the resin floor market, Simon is able to drive BIF to success by helping the firm to adapt around the latest market developments. He outlines the latest changes he is seeing in the industry and how his firm is continuing to adapt around chemical composition and surface texture allows us to provide the right solution to meet our customer’s individual needs.” Overall, as he looks ahead, Simon is optimistic about the future of BIF as the company prepares to undertake a range of new projects and adapt its service offering to meet the constantly evolving needs of its clients. “Looking to the future, we are anticipating a strongly performing year. With orders already secured for the next six months, our team will be working on several important food process, aerospace and government funded medical and forensic refurbishments. We have also embarked on a large framework agreement with a leading facilities Management Company involved in healthcare and defence projects. “Within the wider resin floor market, we are seeing a trend for seamless resin floors in high end residential projects and have recently completed a flexible white resin finish in a beautiful property in Nottinghamshire, where over 300m2 of floor area now contains a smooth resin, which has a cushioned feel underfoot. We are hoping to undertake similar projects over the coming year and are excited about the developments this will offer our company.” UKE180022 B I F Services Ltd