UK Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 73 , Established in 2009, KDG Property was founded by three partners working in Chartered Surveying, Accountancy and Civil Structural Engineering. Offering a variety of services, the company works for Freeholders, Residential Management Companies (RMCs) and Right to Manage companies, whilst also providing bespoke tailored management services. These individual offerings include a robust service charge and ground rent collection; quarterly and annual income and expenditure reports; and regular contractor supervised inspections and site reports. Furthermore, working with an eye on the future, the team thoroughly works on clear annual budgets, expenditure analysis & maintenance plan all agreed with our clients. Separate bank client accounts are set up and ensure funds are protected all in accordance with the RICS client money protection scheme. In addition to its expert services, clients also benefit from a 24/7 in-house emergency helpline. Communicating with the customer throughout the whole process, the team also offer balanced advice to leaseholders, Company: KDG Property Ltd Contact: Antoine Sedik Address: 2nd Floor, Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London, W1J 6BD, UK Phone: 0207 887 6413 Website: “Although it is extremely competitive in the UK mainly because how the leasehold sector is laid out and works, London is a great place to develop such businesses with the number of blocks of flats which are being built every year.” Internally, the company is always looking to learn more and therefore adopts an approach which leaves its staff bursting with knowledge. The team at KDG Property regularly attend a variety of seminars, webinar and training sessions in order to keep everyone up to date with the legislation. Looking to capitalise on its success, KDG Property is exploring the options of expanding internationally, and the team believe that they could provide the same standards all around the globe. With the whole team positive about the future, the firm are also currently looking into setting up KDG Property in the far east. of a good working relationship with clients relies mainly on trust and managing expectations. Importantly for us, we believe that all our unique existing customers warrant the same standard of customer care and attention. They have chosen KDG Property for our traditional high customer service standard and well- appreciated proactive approach.” Operating within London, there are new developments every week within the property industry, and Antoine describes what trends the company is currently seeing, and what benefits there are when working in the region. “Here at KDG, we see many trends in the industry, mainly on developing alternative communication supports (i.e. app, web portals, newsletter) … which we have now fully developed within our company. Communication, transparency, efficiency and the use of the latest technology is key for us. KDG Property is a propertymanagement firm specialising in the management of residential, commercial and mixed-use buildings. We gained an insight from Antoine Sedik into the services that the firm offers and the secrets behind its success. Best Independent Residential & Commercial Property Management Company - London meaning they can mediate and resolve historic disputes. Starting off the interview, Antoine outlines the firm’s overall mission, commenting on the techniques that the team employs in order to ensure that the overall goal is reached, before commenting on how it feels to have been selected as the Best Independent Residential and Commercial Property Management Company in London. “Embedded in the company ethos is the firm’s mission, which is to resolve and provide long-term solutions in building management. Preventative planned maintenance, forecast expenditures and financial analysis is an important factor for us, and we are always willing to go the extra mile for the client. “Giving us extra motivation to achieve this mission is this award, as we are all very proud to have been recognised. We have worked tirelessly to ensure our clients are happy and satisfied with the services we provide.” Differentiating the company from other similar firms is the customer service that staff deliver on a daily basis. Antoine believes that the total communication between staff and clients is a fundamental aspect of KDG Property’s success. “Separating us apart from our clients is the level of communication we offer and the way we build relationships with our clients. The fundamentals KDG Property Ltd UKE180049