UK Enterprise Awards 2018

74 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , Manor Architects UKE180052 Thanks to more than 28 years’ experience in the architecture market, Manor Architects supports a wide range of clients with a vast array of services, as we discover when we profile the firm and gain an insight into the secrets behind its success. team go to the greatest of lengths, above and beyond the standard commission, to ensure that they have attained the best possible outcomes, which are not only architecturally but economically responsive. Over recent years, the firm has battled a recession and are now amidst another challenging time, but with challenges come opportunities. The major trend the team at Manor Architects see currently is towards satisfying the current housing shortfall, an area which was particularly slow from 2010 to 2017 is now back with a vengeance and we recently secured a project which will see the delivery of circa 1600 new homes. The other major change is the style of dwellings and buildings which people aim for, they are more informed due to the number of design programmes produced and have more specific ideas on the spaces they would like to live and work within. These developments offer the team a chance to enhance their experience even further. As such, adapting around these changes will be among the firm’s core focuses as it looks towards a bright future. Additionally, Manor Architects aims to expand its market share, delivery in new areas and secure new clients so that the team can continue to create amazing architecture over the years to come. Manor Architects were established in 1990, but with a change in company Directors in 2008 to Johann Muldoon MBE and Aidan Bradley, the company is unrecognisable from its original self and is not a globally recognised business. As a Multi award winning, multi- disciplinary firm, today Manor Architects deliver across all sectors of the industry and are unique in their project range and returning client base. Operating predominantly in NI, ROI, Scotland & England Manor Architects pride themselves on their ability to continually delivery on time, within budget and to create legacy buildings. Making history at all levels of her career, Director Johann sets an unprecedented level and has become the first woman architect in NI to receive and MBE for her contribution to Architecture and to Business. On paper, the company stands out because of the numerous and varied accolades for business and architecture which have been on a local, regional, national, international and global scale, across the board for business, innovative employer, design, STEM, but this alone is not the full picture. The passion, commitment and genuine love for the projects the firm undertakes sees the Best Multi-Disciplinary Architecture Firm 2018 - Northern Ireland