UK Enterprise Awards 2018

76 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , SME Marketing Company of the Year 2018 & Leading Females in Bespoke Marketing Solutions 2018 Marke2ing UKE180067 In the marketing industry, the issue of how to transform destructive rivalry into an engine of growth is paramount. Linsay Duncan, Founder and Owner of Marke2ing, winner of SME Marketing Company of the Year at the UK Enterprise Awards 2018, explores the process of achieving this and creating revenue through unique means. perceptions. This is the gateway to identifying quick wins, shape strategic recommendations and draw out tensions and risks. Tackle challenge with communication Due diligence is one thing. Making it all happen is quite another. So, bring out the big guns. In my view, all the best intentions (and even the best listening exercises) will come to nothing without a robust, detailed plan, signed-off and supported at the highest level. To get there, honest conversation and communication will speak volumes, as face-to-face workshops surface the issues and challenges. Don’t shy away from this - it’s positive to get them out in the open. Yes, even the dirty laundry. After all, re-starting the flow of communication is key to re-aligning disparate or distrustful teams. The output ought to include a candid assessment of the day-to-day workings of your Sales and Marketing teams - and a roadmap to more effective collaboration. Then, shift into implementation mode. Be clear about your priorities. Apply our tried and tested recommendations to build a better aligned business strategy, where sales and marketing are allies. Open the communication channels. Align planning, spend and activity. Unify your sales and marketing teams for a more harmonious culture. From this, success will soon follow. Sales and Marketing. Marketing and Sales. Three little words that cause so many B2B companies such unnecessary stress. In the worst cases, it can mean a turf war between rival teams, complete with boundary disputes, non-existent communication and open hostility. Competition rather than collaboration. Of course, it does not have to be this way. A well-run Sales and Marketing function should be mutually supportive – an engine of growth at the very heart of your business. In all my decades of experience running high level B2B marketing, the best businesses and brands are those with perfectly aligned teams: shared goals, shared vision, and, yes, even shared rewards. What does it take to make it happen? In my experience, it all starts with a realistic diagnosis. As a seasoned B2B marketer, the first thing that me or my team will do when arriving in post is to get to the bottom of the numbers, understand key relationships and focus the conversation on sales objectives – long before we propose marketing support that’ll tackle weaknesses and strengthen sales and marketing alignment. One-to-one interviews with key people help us build a 360-degree view of the business; from its vision to its culture and ways of working. We drill down to look at everything from your structure and systems to collaboration levels and client Company: Marke2ing Contact: Linsay Duncan Address: International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2BN, UK Phone: 0203 137 3343