UK Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 79 , To support this need, going forward Meta-Learning Solutions will adapt and grow to meet the needs of its clients. A US based client recently commissioned Meta-Learning Solutions to design and deliver an on-line video-based course focused on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The digital business evolution is exploiting new models for aligning the physical and digital worlds of employees, partners and customers. Blending the virtual and real worlds to create an immersive digitally enhanced and connected learning environment features highly in our future planning.” and delivered on-line learning has the potential to transform organizational performance. Choosing the right on-line learning solution is clearly essential. The solution needs to be cost-effective, relevant to individual learners and meeting all compliance requirements. Moving forward, choosing such a solution will be even harder for clients as they face increased choice, as Dennis highlights in his concluding comments. “As for the future of our market, we foresee a world of learning that is less structured without menus of fixed study or course duration. Degree courses in future will contain more elements of self-selection, pick-an-mix of subjects in which learners determine for themselves what, when, where and how they learn. Work-based learning promoted by degree apprenticeships will also feature more prominently gradually replacing academically focused degree style courses”. “Overall, just as we will soon see self-directing vacuum cleaners or autonomous robots harvesting on farms, highly flexible learning solutions will better meet the needs of agile, mobile learners. Meta-Learning Solutions is an innovative UK based partnership that is passionate about learning to learn. Enabling others to gain the knowledge and self-awareness necessary to become lifelong learners, considerate leaders, andworld citizens. FoundedbyMaggie Foster, partnerDennis Foster tells us more about Meta-Learning Solutions and the range of services they offer. Award for Excellence in Learning Development Services 2018 learning environments with clarity and balance guiding learners to elevated levels of confidence in order to reach their full potential. Finally, we pioneer storytelling for managers to transform dry and abstract information into more compelling outcomes. All of these techniques ensure that our clients always get the most value out of their time working with us and are able to implement the solutions and tools we offer effectively and efficiently.” The firm has developed its unique solutions to drive excellence for its clients. The firm’s commitment to excellence and innovative service is what sets it apart from its competitors, as Dennis explains. “Since inception we have pioneered the meta-learning concept enabling our clients to develop and achieve their collective potential. We differ in how we facilitate personal and professional learning development combining accelerated and narrative learning in a creative, stimulating environment. “In a technologically driven market we have developed creative tools to support our clients through the challenges they face. Our technology has enabled creative on-line learning solutions more accessible to wider audiences and designed to create focus, clarity and balance in the learning experiences.” Across the corporate landscape, E-learning is being recognized as a powerful knowledge transfer and delivery tool. With careful design, well-constructed Recognized as leaders in advanced communication, Meta-learning utilizes tools and techniques that are being applied in scores of public, private and voluntary sector organizations. Dennis says the aim is to ensure that clients receive the very highest standards of service in the delivering of unique learning solutions. “At Meta-Learning Solutions, we strive to inspire creativity through learning and social responsibility. To achieve this, we are dedicated designers, developers and deliverers of learning solutions that ensure suitable, acceptable and cost-effective well-formed, outcomes for learners and other stakeholders. We provide technology enabled creative on-line learning solutions. Our individually tailored learning experiences are accessible world-wide”. “Additionally, we utilize accelerated learning techniques to enable focus on learner- centred objectives. We stimulate Meta-Learning Solutions UKE18001 Company: Meta-Learning Solutions Contact: Dennis Foster Email: Website: