UK Enterprise Awards 2018

8 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , Space De Luxe is a combination of construction expertise, market contacts and real-estate experience, offering a wide range of property development services to its valued clients. We profile the firm to learnmore about its dynamic and innovative solutions and find out more about the secrets behind its incredible success. Best Luxurious Property Development Company - 2018 Drawing on its Founders’ vast expertise in the property sector, Space de Luxe was born of the concept that people are seeking harmony; harmony between themselves and their living space. Its service offering reflects the firm’s belief that that space should be adjusted to the client, and not vice versa. As such, the philosophy of the company is to find the relationship between a design space, technology and human being, therefore creating a harmonious relationship with the clients. Within Space de Luxe there is a combination of talent, knowledge and innovative approaches, all of which address the complex needs of its customers in both the public and the private sectors. Today, the firm specialises in finding properties suitable for development in London and the surrounding areas. Its services reflect the diversity of property available, and include residential, commercial, or plots of land, and can be tailored to meet the clients’ individual needs and ambitions, whether they are new to property investment, or have an established business and a wide portfolio. Supporting such a diverse range of clients, the firm offers an equally vast range of services, which include planning; architectural and structural design; new build; interior design and remodelling; all aspects of building work including extensions, loft UKE180033 SpaceDeLuxe