UK Enterprise Awards 2018

82 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , Multi Web Marketing is an innovative Doncaster based digital marketing specialist offering a vast array of in-house key services including Branding andGraphic Design,Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Content and Social Media Marketing, Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising. We spoke to Founder Paul Smith to find out more. Best Digital Marketing Agency 2018 Founded by Paul in April 2013, Multi Web Marketing offer complete digital marketing solutions for local, regional and national businesses. From start-up solutions through to ambitious growing companies with annual revenues up to £45-million, the firm takes personal responsibility for client results, with absolute focus on company growth, as Paul is eager to emphasise. “Website Design is at the core of Multi Web Marketing’s services. We encourage all our clients to view their website as their ‘Real Head Office’. After all, a professionally managed Multi Web Marketing UKE18005 website will see 10,000 times more visitors than your bricks HQ, be open 24/7, speak over 100 languages, never be ill or have a day off, and will absolutely take all enquiries any time of the day. Our results- driven Lead Magnet Websites are all built within Google Webmaster Guidelines and, fundamentally, tasked with generating new business. “Of course, any website, regardless of how visually appealing it may be, is useless without relevant traffic. Search Engine Optimisation is at the heart of our results-driven strategies, working alongside our Website Design. SEO generates targeted organic website traffic which, over the course of time, increases and becomes consistent. This, in-turn, generates more quality enquiries or sales, and consequently business growth.” As testimony to the level of excellence it achieves, Multi Web Marketing is extremely proud to have generated £50-million of online enquiries for its clients over the last 36 months. This figure is backed up by a wide range of testimonials from some of its clients, all of which are brimming with praise and hosted on the agency’s wall of testimonials. Paul explores how the firm works to include every client it supports on the wall so that everyone it works with has a truly exceptional experience. “Potential new clients see our £50-million wall of testimonials and the results we have, and continue to achieve for our clients. They want to be on the wall, and it is our mission to get them there. While our key objectives will always remain focused on client results, we want to grow as an agency to have a skilled, enthusiastic team of about 50 people. We are also on track to generate c£250-million of online enquiries for our clients. We endeavour to remain at the forefront of technical development, already being ahead of the curve in eBook design, responsive coding and SEO methodology. “Additionally, as part of this focus on providing clients with cutting edge support, each member of our team receives ongoing training and support to ensure we remain ahead of the curve in all aspects of our digital marketing services. This comes from the very top, and as Founder and Marketing Director I personally manage our client strategy and creative direction. We also want to increase our client retention rate from 78% to over 90%, continuing to offer our services on a non-contract basis. We know that to achieve the core of our ambitions, we must generate even more impressive results for all our clients.” Creating a supportive and collaborative environment for both clients and employees alike