UK Enterprise Awards 2018

84 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , Best Global Pest Control Products Provider 2018 PelGar International Ltd UKE180068 PelGar International is the leading Britishmanufacturer of highly effective rodenticide and insecticide products for the control of public health and agricultural pests. We profile the firm to find out more and how it has achieved the incredible success it enjoys today. ingredients in the industry may be common, innovative formulation technology, coupled with advanced packaging techniques, help to maximise product efficacy against the target pest whilst minimising any potential risk to the user, non-target species and the environment. Responding to the news of this award, PelGar’s Managing Director Dr Gareth Capel- Williams commented on how far the firm has come over the years and how proud he is of the success it has achieved. “It is a great pleasure to receive this award and recognition for the hard work of the PelGar team. PelGar was established to bring novel and effective pest control products to market, while having the flexibility to adapt to changing needs and demands. We have done that for the last twenty years and will strive do so for many more to come.” There are currently many challenges facing firms like PelGar, however, taking advantage of these obstacles can offer benefits for the firm. A significant one is the UK’s imminent exit from the European Union, which has caused issues for many firms thanks to the uncertainty it has created, but for PeGlar having home country registrations in the UK has been a major benefit to facilitating their expansion across the globe. Brexit will not restrict either PelGar’s European or global position and, rather than being viewed as a hindrance, is just another challenge a business like PelGar must overcome. Going forward PelGar has ambitious growth targets. The acquisition of Agropharm, a specialist in natural pyrethrum (and insecticide extracted from chrysanthemum flowers) has brought a new dimension to PelGar’s business, a new offering to existing customers, and a whole new target market. There is still a lot of development in the markets where PelGar currently operates; product registrations take time and financial investment, as does forging the right strategic partnerships to further develop the business. Overall, developing new products and adapting to changing pest problems will remain at the forefront of PelGar’s business and is the focus of the growing technical and formulation team. New opportunities and further diversification will also be sought to expand of the strong position which PelGar has built so far and help the firm to achieve even greater success over the coming years. With an active and dynamic research and development programme, which draws on a wide range of market intelligence and technical feed-back, PelGar aims to provide innovative solutions and products to the global pesticide market. Offering its clients a truly global reach, PelGar operates from its UK headquarters in Hampshire and through local offices in mainland Europe, Australia and North America. Its analytical and formulation laboratory ensures the highest product quality from the two UK manufacturing sites, while its unique research centre provides the technical team with valuable insights into the behaviour and biology of the rodents and insects being targeted. Thanks to its international base, PelGar provides products and expertise in over 50 countries worldwide, supporting customers who are directly involved in controlling nuisance pests, national campaigns against the vectors of disease and local and national Conservation in Partnership (CiP) projects. PelGar’s global network of experienced staff and in country resources guarantee an exceptional level of service. Key to PelGar’s success and growth has been its ability to adapt to both changing customer needs and evolving pest problems. While the active Company: PelGar International Ltd Contact: Anna Wilson-Barnes Address: Unit 13 Newman Lane, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 2QR Phone: 01420 80744 Website: