UK Enterprise Awards 2018

86 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , Award for Excellence in Neurological Rehabilitation Services Raphael Hospital Group UKE180017 The Raphael Hospital is a unique, independent hospital specialising in the neurorehabilitation of adults. We spoke to JackWise to find out more about this exemplary healthcare facility. working closely with NHS, health, local authority and social care colleagues.” Operating in the highly competitive healthcare market, where funding and support are often scarce, facilities such as Raphael Hospital have to work hard to stand out from the crowd and prove that they are offering a truly innovative service that cannot be found elsewhere. Jack is particularly keen to share the hospital’s unique service offering and how this marks it out as the best option for a range of stakeholders including patients, talented staff and investors. “What sets us apart from other hospitals is that we are the only anthroposophic hospital in the UK and serve the population nationally, in addition to providing services internationally with our expertise in neurological disorders and rehabilitation. Our holistic approach coupled with outstanding facilities, an award-winning team and commitment to quality are all further differentiating factors. As the single largest provider in the South of England, we set the standard for neurological and complex care by working closely with NHS, social care and third sector partners. Working closely with NHS and social care colleagues, we are able to deliver integrated care that is shaped to an individual’s needs, which is regularly reviewed. We employ more than 200 staff, including doctors, general nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians and many other healthcare professionals.” Recently, the Raphael Hospital were proudly represented in the recent BBC Horizon Programme (Richard’s War: My Amazing Brain) that followed the story of the remarkable Col. Richard Gray who, together with wife Fiona, fought for many months in his recovery from a catastrophic stroke. The Raphael Hospital played a pivotal role in Richard’s recovery and supported him right up until the day of his discharge. Richard has now returned home. In response to the Horizon programme, the hospital hosted an Open Day in April 2018 and were delighted to welcome Tonbridge and Malling Mayor, Roger Dalton, together with over 30 guests including Col. Richard and Fiona Gray (pictured), to learn about its services and tour the hospital’s facilities. Moving forward, the Raphael Hospital will continue to offer this exceptional level of care, and work hard to ensure that it remains a leader in this vital space, as Jack is proud to conclude. “Ultimately, at Raphael Hospital we have been delivering an excellent standard of care for over 20 years, with outcomes, safety/wellbeing and comfort being our ultimate priorities. We adopt a number of methods to maintain our standard of care, these include consistently recruiting outstanding candidates, providing a full and engaging range of learning and development opportunities as well as supporting our teams in their own continuing professional development. We are proudly in the process of establishing a training academy for our teams to benefit from additional learning opportunities. “In order to maintain our position as a market leader, we are in the process of rolling out electronic care planning. Our frontline teams will maintain care records using tablets and computers so that we can free up time to care, meet our obligations to evidence the care we provide and protect the information we hold more robustly. This project will also result in more seamless care programmes and offer the whole hospital many exciting opportunities for greater learning and success for our patients.” Established in 1983, since inception the Raphael Hospital has developed a variety of therapy services and facilities that promote high quality care. The facility also benefits from a programme of continual improvement and quality management. The hospital’s 17-acre parkland offers patients unique surroundings for a tranquil recovery. Over the years, the hospital has created a harmonious and peaceful environment, which, Jack and his team believe, is an essential component of neurological rehabilitation which supports the healing process. He outlines how this and the hospital’s range of treatment options helps support a range of patients from across the UK. “Here at the Raphael Hospital, we provide wide-ranging care for people suffering from complex conditions related to, or caused by, acquired/traumatic brain injury and other neurological illnesses, including spinal cord injury. We deliver these services in both hospital and community settings across the South of England. “Fundamentally, our work is based on the anthroposophic image of the human being, which recognises body, soul and spirit. As such, it is our mission to promote and bring about improvements in the health and wellbeing of individuals through a unique combination of anthroposophical and conventional care facilities, alongside the development and support of our teams and partner organisations whilst Company: Raphael Hospital Group Contact: Jack Wise Address: Hollanden Park, Coldharbour Lane, Hildenborough, Kent, TN11 9LE, UK Phone: +44(0)1732 833924 Fax: +44(0)1732 838883 Website: /