UK Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 87 , Retearn offers a new kind of consultancy. Simon Smith, one of the founders of Retearn an innovative procurement and transformation consultancy shares why they took the leap and security of working for some of the UK’s largest consultancies to following their strong belief of offering the market an alternative solution. Best Procurement Consultancy 2018 “When we first began we recognise this need and work with SMEs to either help them design and build the right procurement target operating model, the processes required to drive efficiency, through to recommending the right team structure and level of experience required. With savings ranging from 3% to 30% and an average ROI greater than 6:1 we can build all of this with clients as we go i.e. it’s self-funded by achieving significant savings as rapidly as possible.” Looking ahead, Simon is keen for Retearn to build upon its current success and share its innovative approach with even more clients, as he concludes. “Ultimately, the beauty of setting up Retearn is that it has also allowed us to create a culture that is different too. We get to recruit the best in the industry from a skills and experience perspective. Added to that, we are all operational people at heart who love getting our sleeves rolled up to deliver client outcomes. We are open, honest, down to earth and most of all, we are flexible which is important to clients who often need a bespoke or pick-and-mix service. Overall, we love what we do and look forward to doing more of it over the years to come.” At the heart of Retearn approach is its Self-Funded Transformation model, something Simon is particularly keen to highlight. “At Retearn, we realised through our collective wisdom that most organisations from SMEs to global multinationals to public sector departments are constantly striving to improve, transform and change and typically they look for additional funding to make this happen. Our strong belief is that most organisations should look within first - to cut unnecessary costs, streamline their operations and then invest the money they’ve saved back into the people, processes or technology that will genuinely help them to fly. “SMEs face a specific growth dilemma. Whether they have grown organically or through acquisition they can suddenly find they don’t have a procurement function or one that is fully fledged to allow them to make or mange the savings required. They often then look to hiring a procurement manager or director who then have the challenge of trying to be an expert across numerous categories of spend from Facilities, ICT, Telephony, Fuel, Fleet or Travel, HR, and Professional Services along with other direct spend categories. Retearn UKE18083 Company Name: Retearn Telephone: 01344 874707 Website: