UK Enterprise Awards 2018

88 SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 , Best for Locksmith & Security Services - Greater Manchester RYNO Locksmiths & Services Ltd UKE180021 RYNO Locksmiths & Services Ltd is a Stockport based firmoffering a wide range of services designed to keep clients’ homes and premises safe. Former Policeman Damion Douglas explores how his firm achieves excellence for every client it serves. to become a Locksmith and Security specialist. “Later, in 2014, following a period of working in the Locksmith and Security Industry, my dream of starting my own business turned into a reality and in 2015, I opened RYNO Locksmiths and Security service shop, located at 562 Gorton Road, Reddish Stockport in the community that I have resided in since 2010. While some may argue that modern technology enables customers to source work via online and furthermore, the nature of Locksmithing and Security is primarily off site and therefore a majority of Locksmith professionals as a business strategy, do not have shops to keep overheads low. It was always my passion to have a local shop as I believe local shops are the heart of communities, they can help build a community by improving local economy, create a better shopping experience for customers, in particular elderly generation, who like to speak to a person face to face than over the phone, especially with a matter like the security of their property.” Over the years since he founded RYNO, Damion has noticed significant changes in the security market, and as such he and his team have committed themselves to supporting their clients and providing them with unique services tailored to their requirements, as he highlights. “Currently, the overall attitude to security is changing, as clients are now viewing security as an investment not an unnecessary expense. More people are investing in advanced Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) monitoring systems, which can be viewed remotely. Instead of installing a singular security system, customers are opting for combined systems (Alarms and CCTV systems). People are also investing in more advanced alarm systems that enable two-way communication, whereby the customer can verbally communicate to potential intruders. “As part of our commitment to supporting clients in this changing market, at RYNO we are focused on providing an excellent customer service. All members of staff are provided with continuous in-house training and our customers are encouraged to provide feedback on services provided. Staff are encouraged to add a personal touch to each job and treat each customer as if it was their only client. Staff also receive competency training on machinery and installation systems, we only invest in best quality tools and stock, and cascade training in-house and from our suppliers. All of these measures ensure that clients receive the support and solutions they need.” Moving forward, Damion is keen to build upon RYNO’s success and grow the business even further to support more clients, as he proudly concludes. “Looking to the future, I will continue to be profoundly community focused, providing a high level of customer service and satisfaction, with discounted security services. I want to continue improving the security of the communities where the RYNO business is located and ultimately playing a major part in the reduction of crime. “Furthermore I would like to expand the branding of the RYNO products and branch into providing maintenance packages for the security systems installed by RYNO Locksmiths and Services. These exciting developments offer myself and my team many great opportunities which we look forward to taking advantage of.” RYNO Locksmiths offers a full complement of Locksmith services such as emergency lock opening, non-destructive lock opening, lock repair and lock replacement, as well as lock upgrades, new lock installation, alarm systems, CCTV monitoring, door entry and security light installations, UPVC repair and replacement UPVC windows and doors. Damion explores how he came to create this innovative company and how his dedication to the security of his community began when he became a Policeman, a profession which he draws on to this day to ensure his clients receive the support and service they need to feel safe and secure. “In 2001, I started my working career as a Police Constable, and it was here that I first discovered my passion for supporting and securing my local community. As a Police Constable I swore an oath to protect and serve citizens, working with communities to maintain law and order, protect members of the public and their property, prevent crime, reduce the fear of crime and improve the quality of life for all citizens. During my career, unfortunately detecting and investigating crime outweighed the preventing and I witnessed the devastating impact that crime, in particular the burglary of homes and businesses, has on a person and a community. In 2004, I made a difficult decision to leave the Police Force and focus on a career where I could implement my personal ethos that “prevention is better than a cure” and I trained Company: RYNO Locksmiths & Services Ltd Contact: Damion Douglas Address: 562 Gorton Road, Reddish, Stockport, SK5 6RE, UK Landline: 01613128057 Mobile: 07900265964 Contact Email: i Website: