UK Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 93 , UKE180048 scrabbling for another change of cleaning company and all the upheaval that may bring, and often with very disillusioned cleaning staff who then walk out due to not being paid from the cleaning company which had just gone out of business. “These issues are a shame, as they bring our industry into disrepute, however at Affordable Cleaning Services our ongoing focus remains on ensuring that our clients receive the very highest standards of service, and we will continue to provide this exceptional level of service over the years to come.” will adapt around these to ensure his firm’s ongoing success, as he is proud to conclude. “Currently, the trend we are seeing in the cleaning market is more small businesses entering the market, as individual cleaners seek to make it on their own. To get a foothold in the industry they lower their prices to levels which are counter-productive to their long-term future company aspirations, this in turn then sadly send them in administration and looking for cleaning work with an established company such as ours. Usually we are only too happy to take them back, but this does then leave the customer they had managed to pick up Affordable Cleaning Services is a multi-award winning independent corporately managed cleaning services business run by professionals with over 150 years’ experience at senior level in commercial cleaning. Spencer Delbridge provide us with a fascinating insight into the firm and the services it offers. Best Commercial Cleaning Service - Bristol “Here at Affordable Cleaning Services, we believe attention to detail and consistently going further than is required of us are our major strengths, coupled with our simply fantastic operations department who see issues and challenges before the customer, which ensures a long-term relationship between our companies. On average customers stay with us for 8.3 years, which shows just how highly we are thought of by each and every one of our customers.” Drawing on his vast experience in the cleaning industry, Spencer is keen to share an insight into the developments he is seeing in the market and how he and his team As a privately owned corporate managed cleaning service provider, Affordable Cleaning Services offers a range of multi-award- winning cleaning services for commercial companies, offices and businesses of all sizes throughout the UK. The team take the time to tailor its services to the individual client’s needs to make sure they receive an exemplary cleaning services for their premises. Spencer explores the firm’s service offering and how its attention to detail helps it to ensure excellence for every client it serves. Affordable Cleaning Services Company: Affordable Cleaning Services Contact: Spencer Delbridge Address: 5-7 Bridewell Street, Bristol, BS1 2QD Phone: 0800 955 6476 & 0117 969 6476 Web Address: