UK Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 95 , Best Personal Coaching Consultancy 2018 Aspiring Future Competence UKE18095 Aspiring Future Competence (AFC) is a Learning, Development and Coaching Consultancy, founded in 2002 by Andree Funnell, Owner Director. We profile the firm and Andree to find out more. As a qualified trainer Andree also uses training interventions such as management tools and techniques to optimise the coaching outcomes. Andree is a qualified professional coach who has a passion for helping others to develop and grow to reach their full potential. She has a natural supportive style and a high level of emotional intelligence which gives her the ability to engage with her clients at a deeper level. During her working life Andree has dealt with a wide variety of personal staff issues to include; mental health, drugs and alcohol dependence, financial problems, marital and more. Her natural coaching and empathetic nature enabled her to build rapport and engage with others at a personal level to provide the essential support they needed. Trust is a key component of any coaching relationship, confidentiality and providing a safe environment is also critical. Unique to the coaching industry, Andree believes that core values are the essence of a person’s personality and behavioural traits and that the individual’s core values should be aligned to those of the coach. If these can be identified at the beginning of the coaching programme then the individual will have a deeper insight into their emotions, feelings and reactions to different people in different situations. The consultancy works to support clients who are seeking to improve their self-confidence, self-belief and personal impact. Often these issues derive from a limiting belief, which is a belief held by an individual that creates a barrier in moving forward and achieving the outcomes they desire. This is like having your own demons and not being able to recognise the havoc they are causing to your life. As a qualified NLP practitioner Andree is able to use some simple NLP techniques to identify the limiting beliefs and help the individual develop both positives beliefs and mind-set to deliver effective change in their lives. Currently, Andree is writing a book called ‘Behind the Mask’ which is about ‘authenticity’ and living by true values. Living in their own skin as their true self will enable the individual to have a successful and more fulfilled life. ‘Behind the Mask’ is also a coaching programme that AFC have developed which can also be delivered as a training course in house to organisations. AFC are passionate about delivering personal and business transformation and behavioural change programmes for clients. The team help them to discover new tools and techniques to bring about positive change and empowerment. The company draws on Founder Andree’s vast experience in Learning and Development, Coaching and HR. During her 20+ years in a corporate environment as a HR Manager she worked in a number of private sector industries. In her last employed role she was a HR and Training Manager for the UK’s No 1 retailer where she gained a wealth of valuable experience over a seven year period. Over the past 16 years since the creation of AFC, Andree has worked with staff and managers at all levels within blue chip global companies, private sector, public sector and not for profit organisations all with completely different cultures and values. Her experience in HR has enabled her to develop coaching programmes on the subject of Recruitment and in particular CV Writing and Interview Skills which also includes Outplacement programmes. These programmes are aimed at individuals who are either leaving full time education to become employment ready and also for managers or individuals who are seeking to change career path or gain promotion. Company: Aspiring Future Competence Contact: Andree Funnell Address: Bishops Stortford, Herts, CM23 4JQ, UK Phone: 07702 818665 or 0845 6182879 Andree Funnell, Owner Director