UK Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / UK Enterprise Awards 2018 97 the practice and boost staff morale.” Looking ahead, Bexleyheath Dental Practice is set to diversify its service offering in order to build upon its current success, as Julie concludes. “Currently, we are moving into health and wellbeing and offering our patients Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections for orthopaedic conditions affecting the muscles and intravenous vitamins, minerals and amino acids which aids wellbeing. This diversification will help us to continue to offer every patient we treat the support and solutions they need.” all suggestions are taken on board and implemented where appropriate. As a result, all our staff come up with great ideas because they know that we value their opinion. Our team is very enthusiastic and always loves to contribute to practice development by raising awareness on their own social media accounts about events and new services we offer. They also advertise the practice through distributing toothpaste and pop-up locations across South East London/ Kent and even setting up stands in shopping centres. We have pool cars that are used by staff and these are used to help advertise Factor treatments for implants, joints and facial aesthetics. Furthermore, we love treating complex wear cases that require corrective orthodontics or impacted canine cases that may require exposure of canines, or even cases for people who are born with missing teeth that require orthodontics and mini- implant treatments to move teeth long ways. We even request a lab technician to come into the practice to hand-stain cosmetic crowns/bridges/veneers.” Another key factor in the success of the practice is its staff, and as such it is no surprise that Julie is eager to showcase the hard work they undertake on behalf of their patients. “Additionally, we are also proud to have an outstanding support team that includes nurses, co- ordinators and admin staff which help us make the patient journey special by treating each patient as an individual and ensuring that the patient journey is as smooth and relaxing as possible from the moment they enter until the moment they leave. Our aim is always to make each, and every person feel like they are our priority by taking interest in them and as a result we have gained not only patients but many friends. We even routinely send out handwritten cards to congratulate them on special events in their lives such as a wedding, birth of a child and sadly also give our condolences at times of grief, to let them know that we care. We will always go out of our way to support our patients throughout their time with us by calling them following procedures to see how they are feeling, regardless of the complexity. To remember their journey with us, we also provide them with laminated before/after photos of their treatment.” This team of dedicated staff requires regular communication to ensure success, and as such the internal culture is one of mutual respect and support, as Julie explains. “Through regular practice and individual team meetings, we encourage staff feedback and As a popular dental practice in modern and comfortable surroundings, Bexleyheath Dental Practice has well-equipped surgeries and highly trained dentists, hygiene therapists and nurses whose aim is to provide you with the best dental care. Julie explores how the firm’s unique service and specialist focus allows it to ensure excellence for every patient it treats. “Here at the Bexleyheath Dental Practice we are proud to be one of a few practices in South East/ Kent area that offer all facilities, services and dental specialities in-house, working alongside each other daily in order to provide patients with efficient and highest standards of care. We are able to carry out even the most complex cases as efficiently as possible, through having regular specialist team planning meetings as well as appointments with patients, similar to what is often experienced in team clinic meetings, attended by consultants in a secondary care setting. This allows the patients to meet with all the specialists/dentists who will be working together as a team, in order to give them the best possible outcome, and making the patient feel comfortable knowing that their care is well planned and co-ordinated. We provide sedation for patients and are fortunate to also have a consultant anaesthetist working alongside us, who will provide patients with deep and safe sedation for medically complex cases. We offer all services in-house including special x-ray tests, CT Scans, specialists in gums, teeth straightening, implants, root canal treatment, Platelet Rich Plasma joint injections and facial aesthetics. We also offer pain free injections by the use of specialist equipment, The Wand. “We carry out complex cases with all our specialists working together on cases with a short turn-around with the help of our excellent in-house laboratory. As a result, we are able to do complex implant cases that may include grafting, sinus lifts and Plasma Rich in Growth Company: Bexleyheath Dental Practice Contact: Julie Newick Address: 306 Broadway, Bexley Heath, Kent, DA6 8AA, UK Phone: 020 8304 2882 Website: Bexleyheath Dental Practice g