UK Enterprise Awards 2019

14 | SME NEWS - UK Enterprise Awards 2019 Through its innovative range of services and vast industry experience IG Smart Ltd is able to work with clients to simplify complex digital age challenges including GDPR compliance, cyber security and IoT implementation. Celebrating the firm’s win in this year’s UK Enterprise Awards is Michael Abtar, who was eager to share an insight into the company’s work and the secrets behind its current prosperity. May19047 Established in 2009, IG Smart is a specialist boutique cyber security and data privacy consultancy that is comprised of multi-disciplinary professionals from legal, cyber security, technology and engineering backgrounds. Through its consultancy services the firm enables organisations and businesses of all sizes and across a broad range of industries and sectors to process data and utilise digital technologies in compliance with international, EU and national data protection laws, whilst keeping data secure from constantly evolving Cyber Security and Business Continuity threats. Today, the firm works with a wide range of renowned organisations and companies including NHS England, University College London, Yell Ltd, Nectar, and AIMIA. For these clients IG Smart aims to act as an expert partner, as Michael highlights in his opening comments. Best Cyber Security Consultancy Firm 2019: IG Smart Ltd “Here at IG Smart, we provide a highly flexible, personalised service rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach, to ensure that our clients always receive the support they need. This flexibility means we are able to pull together the right team of expert consultants for each client and each project and our deep-level experience stretches across both the private and public sectors. Each and every member of our team is deeply passionate about enabling organisations to leverage data and digital technologies to deliver better-targeted products and services and we have a uniquely high level of experience of working across the entire a wider variety of industries. We view each of our clients as being partners, and as such we undertake robust due diligence procedures before accepting instructions from new clients. This helps us to ensure that we only serve responsible organisations. “Once we have decided to work with a new client, the first step we take is to collaborate with their team. At this stage we listen, talk to people in our clients’ business and understand the importance of the cultural and human element in Data Protection and Privacy as well as the procedures, processes, technology and compliance elements. Creating a robust Data Privacy and Security foundation for any business means that everyone in the company needs to be on board with the idea that Data Privacy underpins the ethical framework of the business and its commerciality and sustainability. As such, we offer our clients a complete service that encompasses every aspect of their company and ensures that they are fully equipped to overcome any challenges they may face in this complicated space.” Such a service offering helps drive the firm to achieve its core mission: to keep the world’s leading organisations data private and secure. Michael elaborates on how this is achieved. “As an innovative, dynamic company, we see IG Smart as a leading force that empowers people and organisations to effect positive change using data and digital technologies. Through our work we constantly strive to keep the world’s leading organisations data private and secure. We are most passionate about working on projects that deliver outcomes that are beneficial to people and the environment we share. “To help enable us to achieve our mission we operate a robust corporate governance framework that comprises IG Smart Ltd.’s Code of Ethics and Conduct and our Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental and Sustainable Development, Equalities and Diversity, Anti-Corruption and Bribery and Anti-Modern Slavery Policies. Together these policies drive every aspect of our work. We only work with those clients who understand and implement similar policies, so that we are never compromising our principals.” Operating in the technology market means being ahead of emerging market developments and able to provide clients with solutions that are ahead of the curve. Michael explains how IG Smart is committed to always offering its clients services and support that will meet the exact needs of their business and workforce.