UK Enterprise Awards 2019

95 | SME NEWS - UK Enterprise Awards 2019 Jun19275 Offering a pioneering concept, Light Human Hotels is the first multigenerational hotel aiming to offer a truly contemporary hotel solution. We profile the firm to learn more. Light Human Hotels: Most Innovative Boutique Hotel Concept 2019 Established in 2016 with a completely revolutionary vision, Light Human Hotel is offering a highly differentiated customer value proposition, refreshing the primitive idea of what is a hotel. Led by French founders, Julien Veyron and Jean- Pierre Bandeira, the Light Human Hotel teams take great pride in being at the cutting edge of hospitality innovation and their commitment to a bespoke approach to guest satisfaction. The team see themselves as game changers of the hotel and hospitality sector and aim to make each Light Human Hotel the type of vibrant place to live that we have all secretly longed for since the turn of the 21st century. Inspired by Next Generation’s spirit, this whole new concept is the shape of things to come. Light Human Hotels are always shaped through an intense, fun and collaborative experience between urbanists, architects, designers, artists, hotel managers and local communities. Thanks to its unique concept, the brand is working to change the game in worldwide cities and print alternative guidelines for the next decades. The firm aims to provide a range of flexible concept hotels fitting for customers travelling alone for business, with friends or with families. Each hotel has a unique design inspired by the area, and the brand already has locations being created around the world. From Brazil through to Europe and beyond, Light Human Hotels aims to offer its pioneering solution to a wide range of guests over the years ahead. Fundamentally, Light Human Hotels’ aim is to go far beyond the traditional vision of hotels and develop sustainable ‘places to live’ for the 21st century, signing 7 deals that are currently under construction and will be opening at the end of 2024. This will remain the company’s ongoing focus as it looks further ahead, with future openings in France, Porto Portugal, Miami, São Paulo Brazil and London. Company: Light Human Hotels Contact: Jean Pierre Bandeira Website: