UK Enterprise 2020

10 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 A garden space can be so much more than just a green space that comes with a house, and is sometimes home to a few flowers or plants. These spaces can be made to feel like havens of tranquillity in a world that can seem so chaotic, especially in these massively unprecedented times. A garden space is somewhere that people can escape to, and find peace during tumultuous periods. Your Golden Garden Ltd understands all of this, and works to create the finest and most beautiful gardens for its clients. Join us as we take a closer look at these exceptional gardens, and the wonderful work of this firm to create them. Garden Landscaping Business of the Year - West Central Lowlands Jul20091 Often, the beauty of a garden space can lie in its hidden versatility. Some will use for flowers and colours, where some will use it as a quiet space with a bench for reading. Some may want a combination of the two, and some may want neither of those things. What can be said for certain however, is that every garden space has the potential to be transformed into a space that is both beautiful and functional, and can greatly enrich the lives of those who experience it on a regular basis. That is the core belief that underpins the work of Your Golden Garden Ltd, a firm that was founded to grant client the gardens of their dreams by offering a wide range of professional landscaping services for both private and commercial clients. At Your Golden Garden, the firm strives tirelessly to give each and every client a fantastic experience of having their garden area landscaped. It begins prior to any work commencing, with personal one-to-one meetings taking place where the team can really get a proper feel for how a space should look, according to the client. By listening to their needs in such a personal and personable manner, the conversation around how best to beautify and maximize an outdoor space can continue all the way through the project. Clients can rest assured that a personal relationship will be built, and that they need never feel awkward when it comes to suggesting ideas or raising concerns during the project. No matter what service a client is looking for, Your Golden Garden is renowned for delivering quality services, exceptional efficiency, and only the highest level of professional work. Professional garden landscaping services are complemented with excellent workmanship and keen attention to detail. From design to installation, the experts are on hand to produce top quality results at every turn. With two and a half decades of experience working in all manner of landscapes and gardens, the firm brings a wealth of knowledge, techniques, and tricks to its first-class service offering when designing and building a desired garden space. Using this arsenal of experience, Your Golden Garden can ensure that it only meets client expectations, but exceeds them in a way that guarantees full satisfaction. Every project is completed under a contract that specifies exactly what works are being carried out, what materials are required and subsequently used, and the dates for commencement and completion. To ensure that the client is completely happy with the works that have been carried out, Your Golden Garden also offers up to a five-year guarantee against defective workmanship. Any repairs requested and carried out within this five year period are done at no extra cost to the client, cementing the firm’s status as one that always puts the needs and interests of the client first and foremost. Every single day, the team at Your Golden Garden work hard to constantly improve its installation methods, to guarantee more durable solutions that what the standard offers. Though the firm already offers a large variety of services designed to make any garden look at its most pristine, Your Golden Garden also offers a huge array of outdoor living features that can make the garden absolutely perfect. Ultimately though, the firm always has its main priority as making sure that the client is fully satisfied with the final result. That is why the firm works closely with clients to make sure that their perfect garden can come to life in real and tangible ways. What differentiates Your Golden Garden from the rest of the industry and marks it out as the best possible option for its clients is the time that it takes when dealing with clients. As a unique selling point, the firm ensures that it always goes beyond what others can offer. Where the competition offers standard solutions using standard installation systems in a bid to get a project done as quickly as is possible, Your Golden Garden does not compromise at any stage. Though its prices might be slightly higher than those of its competitors, Your Golden Garden takes more time to ensure that every part of the garden in question has everything it needs. A garden requires many different things that others will not consider, but Your Golden Garden absolutely will. The gardens that clients want are so much more than simply putting down some turf and planting some flowers. Getting to that point requires careful consideration of conditions such as the perfect levels of the ground, the correct drainage options and solutions, shapes being used, finishing touches, and total durability. In carefully considering all of these aspects to